Pro Specialists Showcase

Exclusive to Kickers/Punters/Long Snappers $225 Early bird fee
9:15am Check in. Showcase from 10am – 4pm
Draft Eligible College Seniors
Free Agents

Tests will include Field Goals, Field Goals on 9 ft goal posts (indoor/arena style), Kickoffs (normal & directional), Punting (normal, directional, and Pooch) and competitions for last man standing. All kicking/punting/snapping will be filmed. All results will be published and provided to professional coaches/scouts in the various leagues.

This is an extension of the 2018 BSN National Scouting Combine that takes place in Indianapolis since the facility that hosts the event does not accommodate kicking. We have brought the event to the east coast at a phenomenal facility  that will allow us to properly test kickers and punters for the outdoor & indoor game!

Kicking Testimonials


“Jimmy Kibble is one of the best Kicking Coaches / Mentors there are. His dedication to helping football players of all levels achieve their goals is unmatched. As someone who has known and worked with Jimmy since his college days, I can say he is not only a great coach, but a great person. He brings a level of professionalism to coaching that is not often seen. The highest compliment I can give Jimmy is that I would send my own son to him without hesitation.”

David DeArmas
Executive Director
Elite Kicking Services

“By working with Jimmy my technique has improved greatly, especially with Kickoffs and Punts. My kickoff approach is smoother and more consistent than before, I am also getting more distance and height on my kicks. Jimmy also helped me improve my onside kicks tremendously; I can now get a nice pop on the ball and have the proper approach. My punting fundamentals have improved greatly, that I feel confident punting the ball now.

I know that working with Jimmy, that I can always reach out to him with any questions and get a response almost immediately on how to address my issue. I feel very confident that whenever a team contacts me about kicking for them that I will be fully prepare for anything they ask of me to do.“

Scott Puschell

“Working with Jimmy in high school developed the confidence I needed to decide that I wanted to kick in college and later became an 2nd All-American.

Also attending all the BSN Combines in college got me the chance to chase my dreams of kicking professionally in arena and even working out with NFL teams. It wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t start working with Jimmy and Just 4 kicks. Jimmy has been a great friend and coach for many years and helped be grow as a kicker and man.“

Josh Thiel

“Coach Kibble has provided support and assistance from early on in my kicking career in college! He provided me with my first indoor arena combine which led to me getting serval opportunities in the arena leagues!

Since then I have continued to stay in contact with Coach as I continue in my second year at the professional level in arena football! He is a great and supportive coach and always willing to help those who seek guidance in the kicking game!“

Mike Georgetti



2018 Kicking Showcase
If Applicable
We want to be able to scout your entire career which you can document here on Beyond Sports Network. If you do not have a profile, you can apply here (it's free): Create Your Profile Now
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