You can start the scouting process by filling out the form below so that our staff may begin researching your career, scouting your film, scouting your senior season and reaching out to perform interviews for the 2021 National Scouting Combine. This is a unique and exclusive event that provides athletes an opportunity to completely showcase their athletic abilities to be scouted by and and every professional Football league, Rugby league and even specific Team USA Olympic teams. The mission of the National Scouting Combine is to identify the best athletic talent around the world and provide that information to the appropriate personnel in various levels.


Please consider making a donation to the BSN Foundation, a 501(c)(3) Private Operating Foundation.


The BSN Foundation is one of America’s first and only non-profit organizations dedicated to the facilitation of student-athlete careers in athletics. Through donations and sponsorships, the BSN Foundation will be able to provide professional combine testing to high school athletes at exceptionally low costs.

“The 2019 Beyond Sports Network (BSN) National Scouting Combine was the most important stage in developing a marketing strategy for my football players that were not invited to the main NFL Combine.  They were able to generate scouting film and record apples to apples stats.  Jimmy Kibble and the coaching staff that manage this event are top in the industry, and the motivational speakers are World Class.  Maximize  your stock by attending the BSN National Scouting Combine.  I will be sending my players there every year.” – Ron Miller (Football Agent Advisor Sports Management Worldwide)

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