12th Annual Event

2023 National Scouting Combine

January 23rd - 27th, 2023

Comprehensive Athletic Performance Testing, Position Drills, and Collegiate Showcase.

Incredible exposure to the various levels of professional sports and Olympic opportunities!


What to know about the National Scouting Combine

The National Scouting Combine is an event that takes place over the course of five days. This unique and exclusive opportunity ¬†provides male and female athletes the opportunity to showcase their athletic abilities to the “next level”.¬†

Female Athletes

We are excited to scout and invite female athletes to Indianapolis to showcase their athletic talents for Professional and Olympic sports!

Free Agents

Free Agents will receive even more opportunities to be scouted by the growing number of pro leagues, olympic teams, WWE and more!

Draft Eligible Athletes

2023 brings new and exciting updates as we bring back the original format that includes position drills, 1v1, 7v7 in pads and the 11v11 showcase games!

Facility: Grand Park Events Center

Player Hotel: Springhill Suites