National Scouting Combine
Free Agents

January 22nd - 24th, 2023

Westfield, Indiana

January 22nd

Free Agents Arrive
Check-in, Measurements, Apparel
Media Interviews & Networking
Dinner & Speakers

January 23rd

Combine Testing Begins 12pm
40 yd dash, pro agility, 3-cone (laser)
Vertical, Broad, TRAZER testing
Networking, Dinner & Speakers

January 24th

Position Specific Drills
Olympic Drills, Testing & Evaluation
Networking with Coaches/Scouts
Combine Complete by 3pm


Ready to showoff your athletic abilities and impress scouts from all the professional and olympic levels?

Each participant will receive the opportunity to test in the 40 yard dash, Vertical Jump, Broad Jump, 3-Cone Drill, Pro Agility Shuttle, Bench Press and TRAZER testing. We have been providing aspiring professional athletes with the most comprehensive testing and closest experience to the NFL Combine.  No other combines will provide you with the testing, technology and feedback you need to succeed!


The National Scouting Combine has been conducting events since 2010 helping athletes reach all levels of collegiate and professional sports! Our proprietary algorithm will help you learn more about your strengths and weaknesses. By identifying your deficiencies and asymmetries, we can help you advance your development with precise feedback to focus on! We have run combines for professional, collegiate, and high school athletes. We have conducted basketball, football, soccer, and volleyball combines while also introducing Team USA Rugby, Bobsled, weightlifting opportunities to recent athletes who participated in Indianapolis. We are planning on helping the USOC identify athletic talent for as many Olympic Sports as possible as we continue to expand our reach.

National Scouting Combine Highlights