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“When trying to figure out how I could get my foot into the door even more with scouting, I stumbled across Mr. Kibble on LinkedIn at the beginning of 2020 while I was interning with the Jacksonville Jaguars in Ticket Sales/Member Experience. When reading about how this event provides an opportunity to gain verified numbers with laser testing for collegiate athletes and current/former professional athletes, I was extremely intrigued. Not only did the National Scouting Combine provide me with the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, meet people with ties to the NFL/CFL, and work at a top-notch facility, but it also provided me with the tools and resources that have allowed me to progress in my career as an evaluator of talent. Mr. Kibble takes care of all of his interns/employees and treats you like family. You won’t regret working for the National Scouting Combine and I can promise you, if you’re determined, driven, and work hard, you’ll gain a lot from this experience. I can’t thank Mr. Kibble enough for what he’s done for me with my development.”

Jeremiah Wait

Football Scouting Student Assistant, West Virginia University

“Working for BSN helped me gain all the tools to be successful in the sports industry and real world. Jimmy let us “choose our own adventure” to help get the most out of our opportunity and improve our internship experience and more importantly the experience of college athletes. I still keep in touch with those guys and would highly encourage college students to get involved with BSN”

Howard Ticker

Regional Director, The Aspire Group Inc

“I interned with Beyond Sports Network during my sophomore year at Coastal Carolina University. Back then I was just a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed want-to-be journalist not really thinking about the doors that BSN would eventually open for me. I was able to interview and share countless stories of aspiring professional athletes and handled BSN’s Twitter account. Again, I didn’t fully grasp that this would help me in the long run and that it was truly the turning point of my journalistic career. My published work on BSN’s website was the start of my writing portfolio.
After my BSN internship, I landed another at Fox Sports Radio in LA working on Rob Parker and Chris Broussard’s show and even made some Tweets for Colin Cowherd’s Twitter account. By my senior year of college, I was sideline reporting for ESPN 3 and received a shout-out from Sam Ponder of NFL Countdown following my first live broadcast.
Today, I am an NFL journalist for Heavy Inc. covering the Atlanta Falcons and a co-host for an online sports betting show. However, I wouldn’t be here without Jimmy Kibble and Beyond Sports Network for being the first to give me a shot at chasing a childhood dream of mine.”
Kelsey Kramer

NFL Journalist/Sports Writer, heavy.

“Being an intern at the NSC was not only a great way to get experience working in the sports industry, it reconnected me with the thrill of being around football again. Working with Jimmy and a team of former athletes brought back the passion for football that I had not had since my last season in 2019. I was able to channel that passion through the search for prospects, learning how to write scouting reports, traits to look for when watching film and collaborating with a team of individuals who shared the same passion for the game as I did.
The opportunity to be at the event was incredibly special. To be surrounded by athletes as well as people like Phil Blackwell, who knows the NFL inside and out and is a wealth of knowledge, provided an invaluable experience for me.
It is an organization with a ton of potential and anyone looking to work in sports should find a way to get involved. The NSC is an opportunity for athletes to make it to the next level and for young professionals looking to advance their career in sports.”
Dominick Pfisterer

Account Manager, Apex Systems

“My time at Beyond Sports Network truly created the foundation for my career. Jimmy and BSN’s other leadership trusted me from day No. 1 to be an integral member of the team, which allowed me to grow at a faster rate than you’ll find at most places. The creative freedom and experience I got at BSN made my time with the organization one I’d recommend to anyone looking to start a career in sports or journalism.”
Eric Blum

Mizzou athletics beat reporter, Mizzou athletics beat reporterColumbia Daily Tribune