National Scouting Combine

When conducting our events, two of the most important things we consider is staffing for each event and seasonal timing that benefits both athletes and coaches. We have been extremely fortunate to work with dedicated individuals that contribute to the success of our events and benefit each and every participant. The timing of our events is critical in helping prospects showcase their abilities to coaches and scouts  from the “next level”.


Jimmy Kibble is a former professional athlete having played in the NFL preseason, NFL Europe, Arena Football and arenafootball2 Leagues. Jimmy was fortunate to play college football for Virginia Tech under Frank Beamer, played in the 2000 BSC National Championship, was invited to the 2000 Hula Bowl, NFL Combine and received numerous accolades throughout his career. Jimmy founded Beyond Sports, LLC in 2007, and saw the need to create the  National Scouting Combine in 2010 to help serve athletes with an event that actually delivered on its promises.In 2015 Jimmy founded the BSN Foundation to provide the same type of professional testing to youth and high school athletes nationwide.


JIM KIBBLE – Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Kibble brings approximately 27 years of federal law enforcement experience, and 20 years of managerial expertise in the corporate sector. Mr. Kibble also serves as Professional Risk Management’s Chief Financial Officer and Director of Field Operations for Professional Risk Management, Inc. (


DEREK RAYNES – Chief Operating Officer

Derek Raynes, a former HS athlete, gained an Involvement Scholarship to the Univ. of Charleston where he attained a BS in Sports Medicine /Athletic Training in 2002. In 2009 Derek attained his MS in Athletic Training/Performance Enhancement from Cal-PA along with Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) certification from the NASM.

JAY WILSON – Director of Player Personnel

Jay has been a player and coach for 50 years. Jay played soccer at Radford University. After a tour of duty with the USMC, he then kicked in the USFL, had several tryouts with NFL teams, then began coaching high school football, wrestling & soccer in 1989. Jay is also a consultant with Wheeling Jesuit University for their kickers. 

SCOTT PUSCHELL – Director of Communications

Mr. Puschell has over 16 years of experience playing football, was the 4 year starter at Ferrum College and earned multiple accolades. He received a BA in Information Systems and Minor in Business. Since 2013, Scott has worked for companies whose main clientele are the Private Sector managing Data Development/Analytics.

CHAD CLARK – Director of Combine Operations

Chad Clark is a former professional athlete having played in the AFL, af2, AIFA and IFL. Chad played college football for Moravian College where he was part of the MAC Champion & National Playoff Team in 1993. Chad also trains aspiring collegiate athletes at his gym, 3L Barbell, and Manages a Female Trauma Center for KidsPeace.

DAVID “DJ” DANIELS – Director of Football Operations

​DJ played football for Tennessee State University.  Spent 4 years in the CFL, 5 years of Indoor and Outdoor Football as a player.  Has 30 years of managing  and  coaching football.  He also officiates high school basketball in Georgia while instructing Driver’s Education for more than 15 years.  Measuring speed and agility is his forte.

Christopher Bury | TE | Notre Dame

“The National Scouting Combine was a great opportunity for me to get official test numbers and get my information out to teams and scouts to gain necessary exposure. It is always a big challenge for athletes to get official verified numbers but the National Scouting Combine gave me this opportunity. The entire staff works with the players to put them into the best position to succeed. They give players opportunities to promote themselves on and off the field. They have a setup to do all combine tests and to perform official position drills. The event also allows for players to gain useful contacts with teams and National Scouting Combine staff members to further promote themselves. The National Scouting Combine provided me with a chance to showcase my abilities as a free agent and put myself in a good position to have success in my pursuit to play professional football. I want thank the National Scouting Combine staff for giving players this unique chance to demonstrate their skills.”

Jamal Ware | LB | Maryville College

“My testimonial would be because of COVID-19, it has hindered my ability to showcase my talents at pro days, workouts, and tryouts. But, because of the NSC I can still send official numbers and video to each team, while also gaining the opportunity to meet scouts in face and build a relationship with them. Lastly, the NSC is second only to the NFL combine which helps me have something else to hang my hat on as one of the top performers!”

Nolan Saraceni | RB | Montana Tech

“First and foremost I would like to thank the NSC staff for giving me the opportunity to showcase my skills in front of scouts and allow myself to get relevant combine numbers. This combine is by far the best Combine I have been to. The rooms were great and the food that was provided by NSC was great as well. You can feel that they had a passion for helping those who may not have had an NFL Combine invite and others who are just chasing that opportunity. They were extremely supportive and willing to market the players in every way possible. I was beyond impressed with the testing once we got going. Everything was very organized and professional just as it should be. When it came to the testing they had both hand time and laser time which makes your test times that much more official. The number of scouts that attended the Scouting Combine was even better. This staff truly knows how to put together a legit A+ combine experience and was by far the best combine experience I have been a part of.”

Kyle Haines | WR | Shippensburg

“Thank you for the support and helping with promoting me for the next level. I am most definitely interested and my experience at the national scouting combine was incredible. It was my first official opportunity and it was a professional combine. All verified, legitimate laser times and numbers are vital to have especially in the times we are facing today. All of the coaches and personnel involved were professional in every aspect. It is such a blessing to have the opportunity to be apart of the national scouting combine and I can’t be more grateful to have verified numbers.”