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I have known Jimmy Kibble since he was a sophomore in high school. As the special teams coach I knew he was something special as a kicker. Over the years he has continued to grow and perform at a high level.

After many years I have seen him grow into a fine kicking coach and mentor to many young players, including my son. I have worked kicking camps and free agent combines with Jimmy and they are always run in a professional manner. Jimmy is more than willing to go the extra mile for these young athletes. I have seen him reach out many times to help get players representation or to call a coach for a player that is going to a tryout.

Beyond Sports Network is a top-notch organization. I have done many camps and combines in my life, either for myself or for my son, but none compare to the combines that Beyond Sports Network runs. From top coaches to TRAZER technology used at these combines, coaches always get a true feel for what an athlete is capable of doing.

Jay Wilson

Director of Player Personnel, National Scouting Combine