This is not your average combine.

We focus on testing athlete’s athletic abilities so that they become more aware and educated about their physical abilities. We then provide a specific grade that identifies what collegiate level the athlete could “athletically” succeed at. Equipped with this exclusive data, athletes can make the necessary training adjustments to define their recruiting path for the future.

BSN Foundation Event Registration

BSN Foundation Event Registration
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Date: December 7th, 2019

Time: 10:00am – 3:00pm


Address: 221 Commonwealth Ct
Winchester, VA 22602

Phone: +1 703 730 5425

All Athletes, Male & Female, From All Sports Welcome!


Your tax deductible donation helps us conduct free, professionally run testing combines and educational resources for youth, high school athletes, coaches and parents.

About the Foundation

The mission of Beyond Sports Network Foundation, Inc. is to provide an awesome athletic testing experience, for athletes, both male and female, from all sports. We utilize modern technology to completely measure and assess a participant’s true athletic ability. Our proprietary grading system provides detailed insight as to what level the athlete is currently performing at. This allows the athlete and the Foundation to showcase that data to coaches at the “Next Level”. Our testing events are provided at no cost to the participants and we “level the playing field” for athletes from all socioeconomic levels.

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