Event Info

Date: July 26th, 2020
Location: Evergreen Sportsplex
Time: 12:00pm – 8:00pm

Group 1: Offensive Lineman & Defensive lineman
(230 players Max – per phase 3 restrictions)
Check-in: 11:30am
Warm up: 12;00pm
Combine: 12:30pm – 3:00pm

Group 2: QB, RB, WR, TE, DB, LB
(230 players Max – per phase 3 restrictions)
Check-in: 3:00PM
Warm up: 3:20pm
Combine: 3:50pm – 8:00pm

Leesburg 2020

NSC High School Event
  • Limited number of spots per group. Once your class is full, we will remove this option for your year.
  • Only so many positions will be allowed. Once a position is filled, we will remove it from this list.
  • Video link; i.e. YouTube, HUDL, Vimeo, Etc
  • Head Coach or Position Coach

Pre-registration is a requirement in order to provide an efficient, enjoyable and competitive experience.  Our experienced staff will perform the temperature checks prior to registration and we will make sure that all equipment is sprayed down with disinfectant after each round of testing.

We will provide all pre-registered athletes & parents with a specific time to arrive. There are no walk ups allowed whatsoever! In doing so, we will not only keep the flow and efficiency of the event, but reduce waiting time or “sitting around” by players and parents/guardians. Please help us provide you with the best experience by pre-registering in the form on this page.

The National Scouting Combine and all of the partners bringing the event to fruition will provide advice and tips through our newsletter on how to prepare for this event.

Event Partners 

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