Reid Harrison-Ducros Scouting Report

Report written by Jeremiah Wait 

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Prospect Name
Harrison-Ducros, Reid

Pro Position(s)

Scout Name
Jeremiah Wait

Duquesne University
2020 NFL Draft

Best: Foot speed, hip fluidity, change of direction in compact spaces, which allow him to have success in off-man coverage, acceleration

Worst: Question ability to play in box, physicality at LOS with WR, being able to consistently make tackles in space and in run fits, limited film in zone and press coverage, level of competition

Projection: Should be drafted, ceiling is 3 round, more realistic is 5 -7 round. At his best when playing off-man due to his quick feet and fluid hips. Athletic ability allows him to make up for technique deficiencies with footwork at times. Speed and acceleration are major strengths and allow him to win his matchups in off-man and limited press/zone coverage. Limited run game film with filling gaps and using hands in press against WRs. Limited film with press/zone coverage, but showed ability to be successful. However, ability to re-route and physical strength are a bit of a question mark.

One-Liner: Reid Harrison-Ducros is an instinctive and very competitive CB who would be best utilized in a defensive scheme that allows him to play in off-man and zone coverage most of the time, with a mixture of press-man once he becomes more comfortable in doing so, which would allow him to utilize his great speed, change of direction, and quick feet to be successful.


Reid Harrison-Ducros plays the CB position and began his career at Boise State, but an injury and a new defensive coordinator resulted in him leaving the program in 2017. Arrived at Duquesne University in 2018. Height is a bit concerning at 5’10”, but shorter CBs are continuing to have success in NFL, especially in the slot. He has long arms and good muscle definition. He has great athletic ability, with quick feet, solid lateral movement, great acceleration/speed, agility, and balance. Has really good eyes and doesn’t bite on first move, stays centered well and moves into stem, keeping WR on his outside. Good man coverage ability in off-man, good balance and feet to break on routes, even when they’re sloppy at times. Makes up for this with foot speed and acceleration that allows him to stick with WR. Has foot speed to stay on top of WR. Shows capability of being physical in and at the top of routes, along with getting his head turned to find the football. Good mirroring ability and ability to diagnose route, good ability to play ball in air with solid ball skills. Possesses ability to go up and make play on ball against taller WR. INT production last season was good with amount of balls thrown at him, will have ability to accumulate PBUs with more targets against him. In zone coverage, he had limited film, but showed he maintains same ability and ball skills to see the ball thrown and uses a quick break and a great drive to get to the ball. Good mental ability in limited amount of different coverages, possesses a read and react ability, trusts eyes and just goes, allows him to play fast. In press man with limited film, he showed same ability to use quick foot speed and fluid hips to stay on top of WR, good speed to stick with WR into stem and mirroring skills, he maintains tight coverage and has good ball skills. Shows his great speed and acceleration in being able to with the WR all the way across the field. Only issue is pressing at the LOS, which he didn’t show himself ever getting his hands on the WR and being physical with a good punch. He didn’t really get exposed in college, but even with his great speed, it will be tough to try and get back with the WR if the WR is able to immediately stack him off of the LOS at the next level. He gets head turned around when he senses ball is in area, and showcases good awareness and ability to maintain good positioning to make a play on ball. Limited run support ability on film, but showcased ability to get off blocks and sense when he needed to turn head to find ball carrier when he was in man coverage. Ability to tackle in open field, he has great play speed and flies around field. Wasn’t in on many tackles, but showed great acceleration in getting ball carrier to ground immediately. Competitiveness toughness seems good, allows him to stay involved in game with limited passes thrown his way. Solid player who had a tough situation in Boise, found a home in Duquesne, and played with a chip on his shoulder. Don’t overlook him, deserves an opportunity to showcase that he’s more than just an off-man corner.


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Ted Goveia

Assistant General Manager / Director of Player Personnel, Winnepeg Bluebombers