Press Release: National Scouting Combine Strengthens Partnership With Launch Pad Kickoff Tee

September 2022 – National Scouting Combine and Just 4 Kicks will be providing the kickers with the opportunity to use the Launchpad Kickoff Tee at during the exclusive event. Approaching 5 years, NSC will be providing specialists with the best equipment and opportunities to showcase their kicking abilities to the next level.

“It was a no brainer after meeting Bill that his product was a game changer for kickers,” said Jimmy Kibble, CEO of the National Scouting Combine & Director of Just 4 Kicks, “Having kicked from high school through the pros, I only wish this product had been around when I was a kickoff specialist. If we can help introduce this product to as many kickers possible, they will find themselves having more consistent success.”

Over the course of 5 days, the National Scouting Combine will invite female athletes and free agent athletes to participate in combine testing and position drills. Draft eligible athletes will receive the opportunity to compete in the collegiate showcase game as well. Specialists will compete in charting, competitions, and game situations to impress scouts from all levels of competitive football globally.

“When we had the opportunity a few years ago, to work with Jimmy Kibble, it was an easy decision!” Stated Bill Shafer, Inventor of the Launch Pad Kick Off Tee, “With Coach Jay Wilson and Coach Scott Puschell, we found experienced coaches that were dedicated to helping players and getting the most out of their hard work by giving them the best opportunities to succeed. That’s what the Launch Pad Kick Off Tee is all about. We always go to the NSC/J4K events because of the doors that open and the people we meet.”

“Bill is a true pioneer when it comes to the kicking game. His Launchpad Kicking Tee may possibly revolutionize the art of kicking. I don’t think I have ever seen him not excited about the Launchpad and he is always in a great mood when it comes to talking about the Launchpad.” Said Jay Wilson, Director of Player Personnel, “As a former kicker I wish I had this. It would have definitely helped my kickoffs.”

The Launchpad is an amazing kickoff tee which truly allows the kicker to showcase their full potential!  As a kicker, we are able to have  our foot make contact with the ball longer with the forward lean.” Shared Scott Puschell, Director of Communications, “I also love the sturdiness the Launchpad provides, no more footballs falling over in the wind!”

The National Scouting Combine, founded in 2010 by Jimmy Kibble, provides athletes with real opportunities to receive verified data they can use to improve, develop, and promote their athletic abilities to the “next level”. The National Scouting Combine sets itself apart from every other testing event. Participants are evaluated using a proprietary algorithm that delivers an Athletic Performance Profile (APP) comprised of a comprehensive report of all the athletic data, comparative analysis, and unique insights to overall body control.

Just 4 Kicks, founded in 2016 by Jimmy Kibble, has close to 100 years of experience when it comes to competing and/or coaching in the “kicking game”. Our goal is to help athletes improve by utilizing their individual skill sets and helping them understand how to maximize their potential. We also focus on the mental aspect as this is the most important part of becoming a successful kicker or punter!

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