About The National Scouting Combine

What we do and how we do it


Founded in 2007, Beyond Sports, LLC has become a reliable name for athletes to rely on when trying to reach the next level. We launched our event brand “National Scouting Combine” in 2010 when Jimmy Kibble began to see the need to provide athletes with an experience as close to the NFL Combine and where the standards of testing were maintained for absolute accuracy. Jimmy Kibble was fortunate to have been invited to participate in the 2000 NFL Combine & Hula Bowl, after playing at Virginia Tech and in the BCS National Championship in 2000. His goal has always been to offer the best opportunity for athletes to be seen and scouted by collegiate & professional organizations around the globe.

The purpose of the National Scouting Combine is setting up the athletes with real opportunities to receive verified and validated stats they can use when improving, developing and promoting their abilities and skills. Our company sets ourselves apart from every other testing event as we provide  participants with a comprehensive report of their athletic abilities, how they compare and unique insights to overall body control. We have fantastic technology partners who provide us with state of the art, cutting edge technology that help us collect the data, assess and analyze and distribute the results efficiently and quickly. 

Over the past ten years, we have organized and conducted combines for professional, collegiate, and high school athletes in basketball, football, soccer, and volleyball. With our unique approach to identifying true athletic talent, we developed relationships to open doors for our participants with Team USA, Pro Rugby and event Pro Wrestling. We are developing relationships to identify talent nationwide with the USOC and across numerous sports.

We want to help athletes understand how to become successful in competition, striving for the highest level of competition possible, success outside of sports, staying on course with academics, personal branding, marketing and of course the “what if” should an athletic career not pan out or happen. Helping athletes all year round, rather than just at each event is what drives us to be completely different than any other company in our space.

2007 we built a social platform for athletes called Beyond Sports Network to help aspiring pro athletes bridge the gap with pro personnel.
2010 launched our first regional National Scouting Combine at Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.
2011 We became the Official Combine for the Arena Football League and arena2football league.
2012 we launched our first national event in Akron, OH to run an invite only type event similar to the NFL Combine.
2016 moved the National Scouting Combine to Indianapolis, IN to bring athletes to a city synonymous with Football.
2020 after years of development and research, we started introducing the proprietary algorithm to identify and showcase top talent.
2022 we will introduce the Athletic Performance Reports for post event analysis.


Meet the team that will test, evaluate and promote your athletic abilities to the next level



Specific to your sport

4 Digit (6020)







40 Yard Dash
Laser Timed

Pro Agility
Laser Times

3-Cone Drill
Laser Timed

Vertical Jump
Vertek/Jump Pad

Broad Jump

Bench Press
Max Reps



How fast can you react in a drill?

How fast can you move your body?

How quick is your first step in any direction?

How long does it take to change direction?

How well do you move one side vs the other?

NSC Grade

A mathematical process of evaluating your personal + testing scores to accurately predict what type of athlete you are. The NSC Grade provides a proprietary approach to helping you understand your ability to move, control your body and assess the areas where each athlete can improve themselves to achieve success at the “next level”.


You vs Competition
The National Scouting Combine uses the Athletic Performance Report to exhibit an ahtlete’s combine performance with their grade, a comparison vs other position players from the combine, analysis from TRAZER testing and a comparison to the NFL Combine averages (over 5 years) or against all high school athletes who have been tested.