Our vision is to provide a unique opportunity for athletes to complete standardized testing consistent with professional football evaluations.


We establish a comprehensive evaluation of each athlete’s abilities in determining their level of proficiency. Our proprietary algorithm evaluates collected data and applies a proven mathematical analysis, assessing the athlete on their ability to control their speed, strength, and agility.

Over the past 13 years, we have organized and conducted combines for professional, collegiate, and high school athletes in basketball, football, soccer, and volleyball.


Hold athletes athletically accountable with the highest standards of (proper) combine testing measurable data utilizing state of the art technology.


100% objective testing & measurements allow the athletic data to speak for itself. We validate each athlete's ability to control their body.


Our proprietary algorithm analyzes the combine biometrics and performance testing to provide an accurate analysis of each individuals athletic abilities.


Quantify and assess true athletic ability.


Players showcase their skills in position drills.


The game is exclusive to draft eligible athletes.


Pro testing that holds athletes accountable for validated data.


Pro testing and closest experience to the NFL Combine.


Complete and comprehensive testing & evaluation.

The NSC conducts exclusive athletic testing events that provide comprehensive performance analysis to determine individual athletic ability.

We are committed to providing each athlete with a precise & accurate performance testing experience. Utilizing advanced technology we assess and quantify each participant’s true athletic ability with an exclusive Athletic Performance Report derived from our proprietary algorithm.

Through proven methods, we can assist collegiate & professional teams by analyzing the data and identifying the athletes most likely to succeed.

We set up the athletes with real opportunities to receive verified and validated stats they can use when improving, developing and promoting their abilities and skills.

Our company sets ourselves apart from every other testing event as we provide participants with a comprehensive report of their athletic abilities, how they compare and unique insights to overall body control. We have fantastic technology partners who provide us with state of the art, cutting edge technology that help us collect the data, assess and analyze and distribute the results efficiently and quickly.

2007 We built a social platform for athletes called Beyond Sports Network to help aspiring pro athletes bridge the gap with pro personnel.
2010 Launched our first regional National Scouting Combine at Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.
2011 We became the Official Combine & Network of players for the Arena Football League and arena2football league.
2012 Launched our first national event in Akron, OH to run an invite only type event similar to the NFL Combine, only with a Collegiate Showcase Game included.
2016 Moved the National Scouting Combine to Indianapolis, IN to bring athletes to a city synonymous with Football.
2020 after years of development and research, we started introducing the proprietary algorithm to identify and showcase top talent.
2022 We introduced the Athletic Performance Reports for post event analysis.
2023 We brought back the original concept of Combine, Position Drills (w/Pads) that include refs and the All-Star Showcase Game.
2024 Bigger & Better! Stay Tuned!

Year in and year out athletes are being ranked, rated or promoted based on their popularity (social media, local media, etc) instead of their true athletic ability.

Many times this forces the athlete to overpay to attend unreliable and commercially driven events. Many events provide unreliable and inaccurate testing leaving players with unverified or unvalidated numbers.

We believe these athletes opportunities are too limited.

National Scouting Combine can provide a unique and formidable opportunity to prove yourself on a national level.

Our performance reports provide direction to each athlete on the best opportunity to further their career.

Given the amount of combine events available, athletes with limited accessibility seek a first class event that will provide them the best and most unique opportunity to showcase and prove their athletic ability.

The National Scouting Combine provides a breakthrough & revolutionary evaluation for aspiring collegiate athletes to be interviewed, measured, and accurately tested, as they put their talents on display.

All data is thoroughly analyzed by our proprietary algorithm and displayed in our easy, user friendly Athletic Performance Report. 100% of the gathered information is disseminated to players, coaches and teams.

We want to help athletes understand how to become successful in competition, striving for the highest level of competition possible, success outside of sports, staying on course with academics, personal branding, marketing and of course the “what if” should an athletic career not pan out or happen. 

We provide “Subject Matter Experts” and valuable resources at all of our events. The access to these experts continues long after the event has passed.


Gain access to our exclusive events. Your combine results are automatically added to your account. Keep your profile up to date for coaches & scouts at the next level to evaluate. Connect with athletes, agents, coaches, event partners, scouts, subject matter experts and businesses.


We will help you find athletes that meet your team standards. Utilizing our proprietary algorithm, we will show you who the best athletes are! You will have the ability to evaluate talent, connect and communicate with potential talent, have access to all data collected and improve your organization 24/7.


National Scouting Combine events provide you and your client with the absolute best testing second only to the NFL Combine. We can help your athlete(s) receive the necessary validated and verified “numbers” scouts are looking for while also helping you market yourself, promote and grow your clientele. 


The National Scouting Combine only partners with Subject Matter Experts who can provide great value to our athletes and community. We want to help everyone involved to have the absolute best resources available. Access to education, experience & guidance to improve all year round.


We value our partners and businesses that support our events and athletes. Our goal is to always provide our members with valuable resources that can benefit their lives on and off the field of play. We invite all those looking to positively impact the various levels of sports to reach out and get involved.