Beyond Sports, LLC provides a premium resource that bridges the gap between athletes and the next level. We provide first-class sports events through our “National Scouting Combine” brand. We strive to assist athletes by telling their story through our “Beyond the Sidelines” media platform. Our 501(c)(3) Private Operating Foundation, the “BSN Foundation, Inc.” was created to provide the best combine experience for amateur athletes at no cost, and by leveling the playing field for athletes from all walks of life. We provide an equal opportunity to showcase their abilities and become potential candidates for recruitment at the collegiate and professional levels.

Operating Procedures

Our approach is meticulous when conducting events and critical to maintaining credibility. We hold ourselves and every participant to the highest standards when executing the Athletic Performance Testing.

Efficiently Run Events

Your time is valuable and your experience is a top priority every single event. We take the time to prepare and plan each event with the ideal that “we treat others the way we would want to be treated.”

Feedback & Education

With every event we run, our goal is to provide the athletes with data, feedback and educational resources that will help them understand how they can advance their growth & potential.

BSN Foundation, Inc.

The mission of BSN Foundation, Inc. is to provide a combine experience utilizing modern technology to completely measure and assess a participant’s true athletic ability and showcase that data to coaches at the “Next Level”. Our 501(c)(3) Private Operating Foundation focuses on donations and fundraising to offer events at no cost to middle school and high school athletes. We “level the playing field” for athletes from all socioeconomic levels.

The BSN Foundation is one of America’s first and only non-profit organizations dedicated to the facilitation of student-athlete careers in athletics. Through donations and sponsorships, the BSN Foundation will be able to provide professional testing, education, networking, and perhaps, most importantly, relationship building with the right people in the right positions, without the hassle of skepticism or fear of exploitation.

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