Beyond Sports Network Foundation, Inc.

501(c)(3) Private Operating Foundation

The BSN Foundation is a 501(c)(3) private operating foundation (EIN: 46-4413814). Our goal is to provide financial assistance to athletes who cannot afford to receive the unique opportunities that come from participating in National Scouting Combine events. 

We focus on testing athlete’s athletic abilities so that they become more aware and educated about their athletic abilities. We then provide a specific grade that identifies what collegiate or professional level the athlete could “athletically” compete at. Equipped with this comprehensive feedback and data, athletes can make the necessary training adjustments to define their recruiting path for the future.

Beyond Sports Network Foundation, Inc.

The BSN Foundation is one of America’s first and only non-profit organizations dedicated to the facilitation of student-athlete careers in athletics. Through donations and sponsorships, the BSN Foundation will be able to provide professional testing, education, networking, and perhaps, most importantly, relationship building with the right people in the right positions, without the hassle of skepticism or fear of exploitation.

Today’s responsible parents or guardians of athletes are vigilant and privy to literature, as they should be. However, they are assaulted constantly by an army of companies with lofty promises and few results. In conversation with any random selection of these parents, it’s not hard to ascertain that the culture itself is willing to spend considerable dollars for the opportunity to provide their child with a top-notch education assisted by even a marginal athletic scholarship because, quite simply, they believe that the risk is worth the reward and the numbers add up.

The unfortunate fact, however, is that often this is not the case. Scholarships are scarce comparatively to those who would attempt, and the cost of college can be high. Placement on college rosters is often left to “grass roots” recruiting and reaching the professional levels is that much more difficult. Let’s clarify. It becomes a mad scramble for athletes and parents to get the right information in the right hands and quite a bit of finger crossing that they may have an intimate connection to those who are viewing it. In other words, even in today’s age it’s the Wild West and they’re gambling, unless they have that one athletically gifted child on a transcendent level. Let’s face it, how many of these athletes are there? We hear the 1% narrative and there is truth to it.

The Beyond Sports Network Foundation, Inc. provides a unique opportunity to influence, inspire and educate all athletes within the local community. Your financial assistance helps provide free athletic combines and year round educational resources & information for athletes. Providing education to the athletes in areas such as Internet, technology & social media safety, nutrition, training & recruiting on a monthly basis is something we are extremely passionate about. We want to help build relationships with the coaches, parents and athletes to educate on how to promote oneself in a positive manner, protect their identity and stay safe online, using social media to create a positive “personal brand”, and how to become successful in sports and throughout life. The more we can interact and build personal relationships, the more we believe we can make a difference within each community.

Benefits of the National Scouting Combine…

Athletes are under a lot of pressure these days to prove why they are worthy of a coach’s recruiting or scouting attention. We have developed a proprietary grading algorithm that will assess each athlete’s performance and detect which level of competition the athletes is most likely to compete at “athletically”. This is not a grade based on football performance, but instead athletic performance. This grade allows us to provide  scouts with a more specific way to begin recruiting players utilizing a comprehensive athletic performance report. We cut down on the time needed to begin figuring out where athletes need to improve, where they should focus their recruiting efforts and how coaches/scouts can save loads of time on where to begin evaluating athletes from the National Scouting Combine

How can you help?

There are many athletes that cannot afford the high costs of attending a legitimate combine. Included in these costs are the combine fees, travel, meals, lodging, etc. The BSN Foundation is looking to help cut the combine fees out of the equation for athletes who need the help. With generous donations, we can help athletes aspire towards their dreams, change their lives and set them on a path for success. All of the money we raise goes to providing athletes with an amazing experience through covering facility costs, meals, staffing, apparel and all the little things that make the National Scouting Combine events completely unique.

What are the benefits of donating to a Private Foundation?

Giving through a private foundation offers tremendous advantages over giving as an individual. Not only can you magnify your philanthropic impact, establish your personal legacy, and help bring your family together, but they offer these financial benefits as well:

Tax Savings for You and Your Estate

Giving to a private foundation may make it possible for you to:

  1. Reduce your income tax for each year in which you make a contribution
  2. Avoid capital gains taxes depending on the characteristics of property contributed
  3. Reduce or eliminate potential estate taxes
  4. Grow your charitable funds in a tax-advantaged environment, and pass control of them to future generations to continue your philanthropy.

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