Beyond Sports Network Foundation, Inc.

501(c)(3) Private Operating Foundation

The creation of the BSN Foundation in 2015 has allowed us to provide the same type of professional testing to youth & high school athletes. The BSN Foundation is a 501(c)(3) private operating foundation, our goal is to develop regional combines for aspiring collegiate athletes that play football and provide comprehensive standardized performance testing.

We focus on testing athlete’s athletic abilities so that they become more aware and educated about their physical abilities. We then provide a specific grade that identifies what collegiate level the athlete could “athletically” succeed at. Equipped with this exclusive data, athletes can make the necessary training adjustments to define their recruiting path for the future.

Important NCAA Information

We want to provide important information to students and families about the DI and DII academic standards, and assist them with the initial-eligibility, registration and certification process. Please refer to our redesigned registration website,, or our educational site, for even more information.

Our resources for the 2020-21 school year can be found on our School Presentation Resources page and include: 




Since 2015, BSN Foundation has tested 1,771 total athletes, 1,613 high school athletes and 158 JUCO athletes. These combines were offered in Northern Virginia, Lynchburg (VA), Scranton (PA), Des Moines, (IA) and were funded by the foundation through private donations. In 2020, we plan again to offer these FREE combines.

For the serious athlete, whose hopes are to play football at the collegiate level, the National Scouting Combine will provide these athletes with the same type of professional combine experience that will include our testing, position drills, and proprietary grading algorithm which will identify their athletic level . These regional events will be provided at a cost to participant.

For the younger athlete looking to learn what their current athletic level is, the Foundation will provide our standard combine testing drills through private donations.


Be sure to take care of your body with proper nutrition, sleep and hydration. You want to feel ready to perform and these are key getting started with your performance.


Wear comfortable clothing that allows you move, in all directions, without restriction. Remember to bring cleats or turf shoes for optimal performance.

State of the Art Equipment

We have partnered with top technology companies to provide you with the best experience and opportunities to showcase your abilities. We use Fusion Sport Laser Timing systems, the same technology used in NFL Regional and AAF Combine testing. TRAZER helps us “measure what matters” when it comes to your athletic ability. TRAZER is also used by numerous FBS Programs such as Alabama, Georgia, Clemson and many more!


Regional Combines

These events will be run similar to the National Scouting Combine we hold for college athletes aspiring to play professional football. These combines will allow high school athletes the opportunity to received an exclusive National Scouting Combine Grade for collegiate recruiting opportunities.


Fund Raising

The Beyond Sports Network Foundation, Inc. provides a unique opportunity to influence, inspire and educate young athletes within the local community. Your financial assistance helps provide free athletic combines and year round educational resources & information for athletes. Providing education to the high school athletes in areas such as Internet, technology & social media safety, nutrition, training & recruiting on a monthly basis is something we are extremely passionate about. We want to help build relationships with the coaches, parents and athletes to educate on how to promote oneself in a positive manner, protect their identity and stay safe online, using social media to create a positive “personal brand”, and how to become successful in sports and throughout life. The more we can interact and build personal relationships, the more we believe we can make a difference within each community.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can attend the Athletic Performance Testing Events?

    These events are for rising 6th grade through 12th grade athletes.

  • How can I register for these Athletic Performance Testing Events?

    Athletes can sign up for exclsuive BSN Foundation events by clicking on the link(s) in the content above. Registration is strongly encouraged as spots are limited at each location. Walk ups will not be guaranteed entry to participate.

  • What do I need to wear or bring?

    Players may wear molded cleats, turf shoes or indoor soccer shoes on our surface. Most just wear their regular outdoor cleats. Wear comfortable clothing that allows you move, in all directions, without restriction. Remember to bring cleats or turf shoes for optimal performance.

  • How can I get my results?

    We will do our best to email each participant with their individual results, which might take a few days, but you can email us directly to request them faster.

  • Which sports can participate?

    Athletes from any sport can participate and receive their Athletic Performance Testing scores to determine the current level of their athletic ability.

  • Are walk ups allowed to participate?

    If you do not pre-register, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to allow walk ups to participate in the testing events. Each location will have a limited amount of space which limits the number of roster spots we can accommodate.

  • What can I do about my results if I don’t like the scores?

    Combine testing data is not public, however we provide results to a college/university when their coach requests the data. We are more than happy to “scratch” your score, but keep in mind that college coaches know when a score is missing, that it probably is an unfavorable one.

  • Can High School Coaches Volunteer to work the combine?

    Yes you can! We look forward to developing relationships with coaches in each region we visit. Please add your information into our high school coaches database here.

Want to Join The Club?

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