National Scouting Combine


Since 2010, we have provided athletes with a unique and precise performance testing experience. Utilizing advanced technology, we quantify and assess each participant’s true athletic ability with an exclusive combine grade derived from our proprietary algorithm.


We will help you showcase your athletic abilities to coaches, scouts and personnel at the next level. Attending our events will give you the opportunity to receive a true athletic grade which will give you the feedback you need to make better decisions such as; where to focus your recruiting, what you can improve, how to promote yourself and how you compare.


Our athletic performance reports will give you the most comprehensive overview of each individual athlete. Over the past decade, we have developed an algorithm that will help you filter out and identify the best athletes to evaluate and how they compare vs others at the same position along with unique metrics available only through TRAZER testing.


Give your clients the best opportunity to prove their abilities and receive quantifiable and validated data to provide to coaches, scouts and personnel at the next level. We can give your clients a grade that will allow you to help them reach the best level of competition and improve their chances of continuing their careers.