Jarrod Cann
Running back
Central Connecticut State

“I would like to start this message by thanking you and everyone involved who made this opportunity possible. I am truly grateful for the experience and atmosphere you’ve cultivated through the National Scouting Combine. My journey has not been an easy one by any means. Losing my mother in 2017 to cancer, losing the house my brothers and I called home before attending this very event in 2018, and completely bombing the event left me completely shot mentally. This event that just took place gave me the motivation and hope for better days. That is exactly what has been provided to me. Opportunities I never considered have presented themselves to me with each passing day. WWE contract offers, Rugby offers, and NFL scout inquiries about what kind of man Jarrod Cann is, are just the first of many opportunities that were made real through my participation in your event! Thank you for allowing me to tell my story on such a platform and allowing me to save lives with my story.”

Korean Robinson
Kansas City Chiefs Scout

“I had the pleasure of traveling down to Indy for the National Scouting Combine. I went down evaluate 2023 draft eligible and free agent players. They had a great system that provided plenty of meaningful reps for scouts to get a clear evaluation of the players. Also that provided plenty of film for the athletes.”

Jim and his staff provided an organized and meaningful platform for Scouts/agents/players. I was able to find players that wasn’t on the radar that I definitely wouldn’t have seen had I not attended. It was very beneficial for me and my staff attending the event. 

Ted Goveia
Sr. Assistant GM
Dir. of Player Personnel
Winnepeg BlueBombers

“I have been using the BSN National Scouting Combine since its inception, and the event has grown impressively each year, both in size and quality. Getting in front of teams and performing in a professionally run event is a positive for both scouts and players alike. We love the event and have signed two players from the National Scouting Combine that became impact players for us. We look forward to continuing this trend in the future.”

Jim and his staff provided an organized and meaningful platform for Scouts/agents/players. I was able to find players that wasn’t on the radar that I definitely wouldn’t have seen had I not attended. It was very beneficial for me and my staff attending the event. 

Jakari Robinson
Offensive Line
Bowling Green

“My time at the National Scouting was something I will never forget. The passion of this combine is what stood out to me. I was grateful to be around the staff that was so supportive and encouraging.

They give players who are underrated and who lack exposure a chance to be seen by every football league as well as numerous other job opportunities. You could just feel the gratitude in the room, all of the players were humble but hungry for a chance to keep their careers going. Overall, this combine changed my life and I am grateful for the experience.

Chris Bury 
Tight End
Notre Dame

“The National Scouting Combine was a great opportunity for me to get official test numbers and get my information out to teams and scouts to gain necessary exposure. It is always a big challenge for athletes to get official verified numbers but the National Scouting Combine gave me this opportunity. The entire staff works with the players to put them into the best position to succeed. They give players opportunities to promote themselves on and off the field. They have a setup to do all combine tests and to perform official position drills. The event also allows for players to gain useful contacts with teams and National Scouting Combine staff members to further promote themselves. The National Scouting Combine provided me with a chance to showcase my abilities as a free agent and put myself in a good position to have success in my pursuit to play professional football. I want thank the National Scouting Combine staff for giving players this unique chance to demonstrate their skills.”

Jamal Ware
Maryville College

“My testimonial would be because of COVID-19, it has hindered my ability to showcase my talents at pro days, workouts, and tryouts. But, because of the NSC I can still send official numbers and video to each team, while also gaining the opportunity to meet scouts in face and build a relationship with them. Lastly, the NSC is second only to the NFL combine which helps me have something else to hang my hat on as one of the top performers!”

Kyle Haines
Wide Receiver

“Thank you for the support and helping with promoting me for the next level. I am most definitely interested and my experience at the national scouting combine was incredible. It was my first official opportunity and it was a professional combine. All verified, legitimate laser times and numbers are vital to have especially in the times we are facing today. All of the coaches and personnel involved were professional in every aspect. It is such a blessing to have the opportunity to be apart of the national scouting combine and I can’t be more grateful to have verified numbers.”

Dillon Salva
Tight End

“I had a great experience at the combine. The whole staff was extremely positive and really wanted the best for all of the players that attended. Being that I was a free agent and a season removed from NFL camps it was crucial for me to get new numbers to show I was still working hard. My only opportunity so far came from a scout who attended the combine. As players that’s why we attend these events, to be seen by the pro levels. I’m very greatful for the opportunity that was came from the combine. I’ll be recommending it to every player possible in the future who’s looking to go pro.”

Matt Sewall
Wide Receiver
Bryant University

My experience at the National Scouting Combine was an extremely positive one. Coming from a small school (Bryant University – Division I AA), opportunities to showcase my athleticism and measurables to pro scouts were scarce. However, Jimmy and his team gave me that opportunity when they put together a first-class event, in an outstanding venue and invited hundreds of players that had been overlooked or just wanted the opportunity to showcase their abilities. The connections, advice and coaching I received at the 2018 National Scouting Combine were priceless, as many pro scouts and coaches began to get in contact with me during and immediately after the combine. Jimmy and his team did an outstanding job of incorporating new, cutting edge technologies into the combine, while inviting well-respected coaches, scouts and former professional players to run the drills and provide coaching. Jimmy provided me with a platform to chase my dream of playing professional football that I would not otherwise have had, and in turn is part of the reason why many CFL teams took interest in me, why I was invited to Rookie Minicamps with the Jets and Texans and why I have now signed with the Orlando Apollo’s of the new Alliance of American Football League. The invitation to the 2018 National Scouting Combine was a blessing to me and my career and I would recommend any and all small school or overlooked college football player to attend and take advantage of this combine that, with Jimmy leading it, will continue to get better every single year.

Tyler Anderson
Running Back
Thomas More Univ.

“I was fortunate enough to be a participant in the 2020 BSN Scouting Combine as it was an experience that I will surely never forget. Not only did it open opportunities for me to play football at the professional level, but it also shed light on my path to a football dream as an underdog. Not many athletes get this sort of opportunity and I am just blessed to have been apart of it.”

Ian Hill
NGBN TV Men’s Network

The National Scouting Combine is the best way for an athlete to get credible data and exposure they need to reach their dreams. A first class operation, run by former professional players and coached who care deeply about helping player tell their stories. NSC is the best of the best!

Nolan Saraceni
Running Back
Montana Tech

“First and foremost I would like to thank the NSC staff for giving me the opportunity to showcase my skills in front of scouts and allow myself to get relevant combine numbers. This combine is by far the best Combine I have been to. The rooms were great and the food that was provided by NSC was great as well. You can feel that they had a passion for helping those who may not have had an NFL Combine invite and others who are just chasing that opportunity. They were extremely supportive and willing to market the players in every way possible. I was beyond impressed with the testing once we got going. Everything was very organized and professional just as it should be. When it came to the testing they had both hand time and laser time which makes your test times that much more official. The number of scouts that attended the Scouting Combine was even better. This staff truly knows how to put together a legit A+ combine experience and was by far the best combine experience I have been a part of.”

Schnayder Termidor
Ithaca College

Pursuing a career in professional football from a small school is a lonely path. A prospect may have the support of his peers, family, and teammates, but the process can be overwhelming and very confusing. Often times small school prospects don’t have access to the resources provided to prospects at football powerhouses. “How can I get myself in front of scouts? How can I prove to them that I can play at the next level?” These are only a few of the many questions that race through a potential prospects mind on a daily basis.
The Beyond Sports Network National Combine helped simplify this process for many of the players that attended, including myself. Despite the combine being held for a few days, the information and services provided by the combine, as well as the sense of community between the staff members and prospects stood out to me. Every test that would be performed at the NFL combine was covered, every coach and staff member supported each prospect to an unbelievable extent, and the amount of scouts and agents in attendance and how interactive they were was impressive. The  National Scouting Combine was a critical step in attempting to take my talents to the next level. If you are a small school prospect with no clear path to the next level, the National Scouting Combine will certainly clear up the path for you.

John Pace
NFL Sports Agent

I have known and worked closely with Jimmy Kibble and Beyond Sports Network since 2010. In my profession as a sports agent, I need to be able to promote and find opportunities for the athletes that I represent.  The events that Jimmy has organized and run have been a valuable means for me to use verified testing data which I can then provide professional football personnel.  Each event and services are professionally run and very well organized which help my athletes receive verified numbers, film and the opportunity to work out in a similar way to the NFL Combine. I recommend my clients to attend Jimmy’s National Scouting Combine every year as I know the pro scouts value the data Beyond Sports Network collects.

JB Walton
Offensive Line
Penn State &
WV Wesleyan

The National Scouting Combine has affected me a great deal because I have been contacted by different teams over the past months. BSN is a great platform if your very serious about getting to the next level. They can help you get seen!

Colin Keoshian
Defensive Line
Illinois State

The National Scouting Combine gave me the chance to play pro football and for that I’m very grateful. To be able to tell my future kids that I played pro football is a really special thing to me.

Cedeno Patrick
Delaware State

BSN gave me the platform I needed to be respected as a athlete. I came to there first Combine in 2010. I was pulled by every NFL, CFL scout. At that time there were a couple really good WRs including a SEC top WR who NFL scouts were coming to see. Once I put up good #s in my Testing Drills, we did one on ones. I showed my great covering skills to the point all the scouts herd the WRs talking and asking who was this guy. Then BSN promoted me and my numbers and I received workouts on all levels. I became a name in the business. Having legit numbers and respectable organization backing you is what you need. Everyone can say they can play and perform but coaches and scouts don’t believe you. BSN gives you the stage to perform and prove them wrong and get the opportunity you deserve. Because of BSN I was able to create a long professional career and when needed comeback to prove I could still play at a high level.

Kwame Bell
Defensive Tackle
Clarion University

National Scouting Combine gave me an opportunity to step out side the box. To promote myself to a later audience. It was helpful in that since and I’m glad I went.

Leo Watkins
Defensive Back
Winona State

The National Scouting Combine affected me greatly and I’m glad I was invited after the combine I spoke with a few CFL scouts and Ended up playing professional arena for the blitz and Chicago eagles