National Scouting Combine 2024 Attendee Devin Adams Invited to New England Patriots mini camp

The 2024 NFL Draft is over, and rookie camps are about to begin. A name to look out for this year is Devin Adams. Devin is a defensive tackle from Peru State and an attendee of the 2024 National Scouting Combine. Most importantly, he is an absolute dawg. Devin will be competing for a spot in the NFL at the New England Patriots’ rookie camp this month, and I’d hate to be tasked with blocking him. 


Devin balled out at the National Scouting Combine earlier this year. His 4.89 second laser-timed 40 yard dash, 30 inch vertical, and 28 reps on the bench press paved the way for his impressive 3.42 grade. This is among the highest scores ever achieved by a defensive lineman at the NSC, and is the second highest score of all time among defensive tackles. 


Although Aaron Donald retired this offseason, his impact on the game of football will be felt for a very long time to come. Teams are realizing the value of the interior pass rush. This has led to a new perception of the DT position. The days of B.J. Raji and Vince Wilfork are in the past. The modern DT is smaller, quicker, and more athletic. This can be seen in the first DT taken in the 2024 NFL Draft. Former Texas Longhorn Byron Murphy II was drafted 16th overall by the Seattle Seahawks. Byron is 6 feet tall and 297 lbs, and at the NFL Combine he put up very similar testing numbers to Devin Adams’ NSC performance. Devin comes in at an equal 6 feet tall and is a bit lighter at 286 lbs, but the similarities are clear. 


Along with the athletic ability Devin showed off at the 2024 National Scouting Combine, he showed a winning character and mentality. He went full tilt full time. You could feel his energy from outside the building, and his motor never seemed to stop. Combine that level of commitment and love for the game with the outstanding athleticism that Devin has, and you have a special football player on your hands. 


Devin is the latest in a long line of NSC alumni who have earned the chance to fulfill their dreams. When I asked Devin to tell me a little bit about what this opportunity meant to him and how the NSC helped get him there, he told me, “Become Undeniable. This opportunity has gifted me the chance to participate in a showcase that changed my life. I was around great players and great staff that gave me great insight in such a short amount of time that will last a lifetime. I’m beyond grateful to have participated and will never forget my experience at the National Scouting Combine.” 


Devin is an elite athlete who is entering the league at the perfect time for athletic defensive tackles. He has the skills, talent, and work ethic to play at the highest level. The NFL is obviously one of the most competitive leagues in all of sport, and only the best of the best even make a practice squad. Even so, Devin has all the tools to succeed. Do not be surprised when you turn on the TV on a Sunday afternoon this fall and see Devin Adams demolishing your favorite QB.