NSC Alumni Dominate the American Arena League 2

Summer is almost here, which means we’re that much closer to football season. With the NFL schedule release last week, I have officially jumped on the hype train. But, for many football players, the season has already begun. The American Arena League 2 has been playing games for weeks now, and we’re starting to get a feel for who’s going to end up on top. The Wheeling Miners, with the help of six National Scouting Combine alumni, have emerged as championship favorites.

The Miners have been dominant this season. They are a perfect 7-0 on the year with a staggering +200 point differential. No, that’s not a typo. They’ve won every game by an average of 33 points. This is in no small part due to the efforts of our NSC alumni. WR Andre Thomas-Cobb, K Anthony Prevost, DL Dioh Dessuah, QB Andrew McBride, NSC 2024 MVP DL Joel Zellem, and scoring phenom WR Jeremiah Flores have been balling out this season. There are only two weeks of regular season play left before the playoffs begin, and the Miners are poised for a championship run.

These are just some of the athletes who have gone on from the National Scouting Combine to play professional football. We love seeing our guys succeed, and their hard work paying off. If you are a high school or middle school athlete and you want to take the next step in furthering your athletic career, come to the National Scouting Combine’s next event at Wesbanco Arena in Wheeling, WV on Saturday June 8th, 2024. 

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