Athletes will have the unique opportunity to compete and receive professional combine testing using laser timing in the 40 yd dash, pro agility & 3-cone drills. Athletes will also perform in the broad jump, vertical jump, 225 bench press and TRAZER Testing. This information will be analyzed by our proprietary algorithm and you will be provided with a grade establishing your level of athletic ability.

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National Scouting Combine registration form for high school athletes.




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National Scouting Combine Event Waiver

1. I understand that participation in the National Scouting Combine carries inherent risks, including but not limited to serious bodily injury, paralysis, and even death.

2. I understand that any injury incurred could adversely impact my sports career.

3. I am voluntarily participating in the National Scouting Combine with full knowledge and assumption of the risks presented by participation. In consideration of being permitted to participate in the National Scouting Combine, I agree that I voluntarily accept and assume all financial and personal responsibility for all risks and potential consequences of my participation. 4. In consideration of being permitted to participate in the Event, I agree to release and discharge National Scouting Combine, Beyond Sports, LLC, and any and all of their affiliates, owners, officers, agents, board members, employees, sponsors, volunteers; any owner or lessor of the premises; and all others acting with the authority and permission of any of those (any of whom is referred to as a “Release”) from any and all Claims, Liability, or Damages, including, but not limited to any for gross negligence or ordinary negligence, and any claims for future liability.

5. I agree to indemnify, reimburse, defend, and hold harmless Release, including for, but not limited to legal costs, attorney fees, court costs, and investigative costs.

6. I agree and declare that I have the physical fitness and conditioning, medical and mental health, and skill level to participate in the Event, and that I do not have any health problems that preclude safe participation

7. I agree and promise not to sue in the event of injury or loss.
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National Scouting Combine Medical Waiver

The Participant, his Parent, or Agent hereby authorizes, but does not otherwise impose the obligation on Beyond Sports, LLC, to provide medical treatment to, or care for the Participant, at the Participant’s cost should the need arise during his participation in, or presence at the National Scouting Combine.

Authorization of the National Scouting Combine, includes authorization of any and every owner, officer, agent, board member, advisory board member, employee, and anyone acting with the authority or permission of any of those listed in this paragraph, individually or collectively, to pursue medical treatment or care for Participant on behalf of Beyond Sports, LLC.

Participant, their agent or their Parent understands, acknowledges, and accepts that Participant, his Parent, or Agent must provide medical insurance for Participant and that all medical bills for the treatment and care of Participant are ultimately that of Participant, his Parent, or Agent, regardless of whether he has insurance coverage.
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Grant of Publicity Rights to National Scouting Combine

In Consideration of being permitted to participate in the National Scouting Combine, Participant GRANTS Beyond Sports, LLC, its owners and officers, and media and sponsors authorized by National Scouting Combine, the right to photograph, videotape, record, live broadcast, and otherwise use the Participant and his name, face, likenesses, video, photographs, voice, sound, and appearance in connection with his participation in the National Scouting Combine for broadcasts of any kind, publicity, advertising, websites, promotional materials, exhibitions, and any other similar actions, free of charge without reservation or limitation.

This grant of publicity rights to the National Scouting Combine & Beyond Sports, LLC extends to the future, in perpetuity.
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