We have changed what has become the “run of the mill” combine experience. Our combines enhance the way athletes are measured, tested, graded and promoted to the next level.

The National Scouting Combine


Expert Testing

We hold every participant accountable and to the highest standards in each drill we measure them in.


Scout All Levels

We test athletes from the rising 8th grade to the aspiring professional. We also test athletes in various sports.


Exclusive Access

Receive access to verified results, combine grades, contact info, interviews, profile and athletic performance reports.

Event Evaluation

We invite you to attend our events and evaluate the talent you are seeking for your team or organization in person.

Results & Grade

​Our proprietary algorithm produces a numerical “grade” calculated from individual athletic performance.

Performance Report

We provide the most comprehensive report which includes our proprietary grade, comparisons and TRAZER analysis.

How We Test

Since our inception in 2010, the National Scouting Combine has become a prominent event for athletes aspiring to prove themselves to the “next level”. Our exclusive events implement the highest level of testing standards which hold each athlete accountable to completing the combine testing the correct way. 

This allows us to quantify and validate their abilities to personnel at the next level with integrity and credibility. Our new Athletic Performance Report (APR) can provide you with the most comprehensive overview of athletes who have experienced our events.