2024 NSC Athletes


All Athletes will be tested in the following combine drills:

  • 10/20/40 yard dash (Laser Timed)
  • 3-Cone drill (Laser Timed)
  • Pro Agility (Laser Timed)
  • 225 Bench Press
  • Vertical Jump
  • Broad Jump

All Athletes will have the opportunity to show their skills:

  • Position Specific Drills
  • 1 v 1 Competitions
  • 7 v 7 Competitions

Athletes will receive an exclusive National Scouting Combine Athletic Performance Report once they have completed to the combine testing.

Meals, professional resources, speakers, and coaching will be provided.

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The National Scouting Combine is a 2 day event which offers free agent athletes an exclusive opportunity to showcase their skills, agility, and proficiency to personnel at the “next level”. The National Scouting Combine is set apart from other testing events, as we provide participants with a unique “grade” using our proprietary algorithm, This grade ranges from 1(low) through 5(high). This result will help show what level an athlete could potentially compete at, not play. Where an athlete can play is subjective to the needs of each coach, scout, or team. You will receive access to expert resources, meals, interviews, full combine teams, pro drills, results, an athletic performance report and access to your (raw)film from the event. No other event gives you all of this without significant cost increases!

After the completion of testing, a comprehensive athletic performance report is provided to the athletes. This report demonstrates how each athlete compares to others in their respective sport & position. It also gives insight to overall body control. NSC has next level cutting edge technology partners that provide us with state-of-the art equipment which streamlines the process and creates a level of accuracy that is unrivaled at any other event in our field.

We provide coaches/scouts/personnel with the tools & metrics to identify the most mentally & physically capable athletes. Our proprietary algorithm will validate each athletes’ abilities.

Each participant will receive the opportunity to test in the 40 yard dash, Vertical Jump, Broad Jump, 3-Cone Drill, Pro Agility Shuttle, Bench Press and TRAZER testing. We have been providing aspiring professional athletes with the most comprehensive testing and closest experience to the NFL Combine. No other combines will provide you with the testing, technology and feedback you need to succeed! We have a strict No Refund Policy!