Since 2010, Beyond Sports Network has been conducting pro football combines in order to help athletes promote themselves to professional coaches. Our goal is to provide more affordable and valuable opportunities for aspiring professional athletes to attend events. The results are provided on our website and to the professional coaches, scouts & teams at all levels.

Beyond Sports Network developed the National Scouting Combine to bridge the gap between athletes and coaches. Between our combine and network we provide athletes a credible event combined with an exclusive sports profile that showcases their background, videos and accomplishments.

The National Scouting Combine was the brainchild of Jimmy Kibble after he saw the need to provide athletes with an experience as close to the NFL Combine; which Jimmy was invited to participate in 2000. The goal has always been to provide the best opportunity for aspiring pro athletes to be seen and scouted by professional teams at every level. In six annual events, we have seen athletes reach every single levels of professional football nationally and internationally. Pro football organizations know our brand and understand our absolute dedication to measuring and testing every athlete with a professional approach and the numbers do not lie. Players who are invited and attend the National Scouting Combine have an dramatically increased opportunity to gain employment with a professional team.


“National Scouting Combine gave me an opportunity to step out side the box. To promote myself to a later audience. It was helpful in that since and I’m glad I went.”

“The National Scouting Combine affected me greatly and I’m glad I was invited after the combine I spoke with a few CFL scouts and Ended up playing professional arena for the blitz and Chicago eagles”

“The National Scouting Combine has affected me a great deal because I have been contacted by different teams over the past months. BSN is a great platform if your very serious about getting to the next level. They can help you get seen!”

“It helped me a lot because it got me in contact with Russ Lande who invited me to a Montreal workout which landed me in Canada.
I talked to many teams through out the process and my agent was in contact with few NFL teams as well. I was on Montreal Allouettes for roookie mini camp.”

“I received a contract from the Central Penn Capitals and a workout with the Columbus Lions for 2017.”

“The National Scouting Combine gave me the chance to play pro football and for that I’m very grateful. To be able to tell my future kids that I played pro football is a really special thing to me.”

“The National Scouting Combine affected me in a positive way. With football I learned my strengths and my weaknesses that I need to improve on. I also built some relationships with the coaches from the combine.”