National Scouting Combine

Athletic performance testing

Comprehensive Standardized Performance Assessment

2020 National Scouting Combine

The National Scouting Combine provides each participant with the highest level of testing standards that showcases their abilities to coaches & scouts at all levels. REGISTER NOW

BSN Foundation, Inc.

We focus on testing athlete’s athletic abilities so that they become more aware and educated on their physical abilities. Equipped with this data, athletes can then define their recruiting path for the future. REGISTER NOW

Proprietary, Patent Pending Grading System

The National Scouting Combine has developed a proprietary grading system (APTS – Athletic Performance Testing Score) that provides athletes, at any level, with data that can provide serious insight as to where they currently stand as an “Athlete”. With our grading system, comprehensive standardized performance testing and strategic partners, every athlete will learn what (next) level is attainable and where they can have the most success. The data provided will allow athletes, parents, coaches and agents to understand more about how to improve the athletic cognitive, muscular and mechanical abilities to upgrade their opportunities to reach the highest level of competition. Our goal is to educate athletes on what they must do to improve their athletic abilities if they want to reach the appropriate “next level”.

Professional Testing

Every event is professionally run the same way, in every location, and held to the highest standards period.

Strategic Partnerships

We provide some of the best technology at our testing events through strategic partnerships.


Specific locations allow us to test and provide access to as many athletes as possible across the United States.

Efficient Events

Your experience matters! “Time is money” and we provide events that operate like a well oiled machine!

What is Athletic Performance Testing?

The National Scouting Combine bridges the gap between athletes and coaches at every level of competition. The information, film and results is then distributed to all pro & collegiate levels. Beyond Sports, LLC developed a proprietary grading system that reflects the players’ individual athletic and neuromechanical abilities. This unique information allows us to provide feedback to each athlete, on an individual basis, on the professional level they might be best suited to approach. 

Who can attend Athletic Performance Testing Events?
National Scouting Combine events are for aspiring professional athletes, while the Foundation events are specifically for middle and high school age athletes.
Athletes in which sports can participate?
National Scouting Combine events are primarily for football based athletes, but are currently growing in soccer & basketball. Middle and high school Athletes from any sport can participate in Foundation based events and receive scores to determine the current level of their athletic ability.
How can I register for these Events?
Aspiring pro athletes can register for the 2020 National Scouting Combine here. Middle & high school athletes can sign up for Foundation events by clicking here. Registrations is strongly encouraged as spots are limited at each location. Walk ups will not be guaranteed entry to participate.
What can I do about my results if I don't like the scores?
Combine testing data is not public, however we provide results to a pro team/college/university/high school when the coach requests the data. We are more than happy to “scratch” your score, but keep in mind that pro & college coaches know when a score is missing, that it probably is an unfavorable one.
How can I get my results?
We will do our best to email each participant with their individual results, which might take a few days after each event, but you can email us directly to request them faster.


The mission of the National Scouting Combine is to provide the most accurate and comprehensive database of athletes and their athletic information available to coaches/scouts/sports personnel across the nation at the “Next Level”.

From affluent to under privileged athletes, the 501(c)(3) BSN Foundation provides National Scouting Combine events at no cost to youth & high school athletes. We focus on testing athlete’s athletic abilities so that they become more aware and educated on their physical abilities. Equipped with this data, athletes can then define their recruiting path for the future

Beyond Sports Network Foundation, Inc.

Utilizing advanced technology, we measure and assess each participants true athletic ability. Our proprietary algorithm produces a cumulative score based on accurate and digital testing. Equipped with this exclusive score and combine data, athletes can make the necessary training adjustments to define a realistic path for the future.

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“The 2019 Beyond Sports Network (BSN) National Scouting Combine was the most important stage in developing a marketing strategy for my football players that were not invited to the main NFL Combine.  They were able to generate scouting film and record apples to apples stats.  Jimmy Kibble and the coaching staff that manage this event are top in the industry, and the motivational speakers are World Class.  Maximize  your stock by attending the BSN National Scouting Combine.  I will be sending my players there every year.” – Ron Miller (Football Agent Advisor Sports Management Worldwide)

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