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National Scouting Combine

We have a proprietary “combine algorithm” that produces a numerical “grade” calculated from athletic performances in each of the combine drills. The grade identifies and forecasts the level that best fits the individual’s current athletic abilities. Our goal is to reach the younger athletes and provide a road map for success (training, recruiting, etc.) while helping the older athletes begin to realistically understand what specific level they should focus on if they want to succeed in competing at the next level.

Our National Scouting Combine Grade was created to help athletes understand what their athletic capabilities are, what NCAA or Pro level athletes they would be able to compete against, and most importantly, having real data to use to improve. What makes the National Scouting Combine unique is our approach to helping any athlete receive unbiased and verified data to help identify specific asymmetries and deficiencies. No other combine testing event will give you the data you need to break down a complete athletic analysis using technology and data!

Coaches and scouts benefit greatly from our grading system which helps create separation between athletes that could compete at specific levels. Our approach significantly decreases the amount of time that coaches and scouts will need to figure out which athletes they should target. Utilizing our NSC Athletic Performance Testing Grade and then reviewing a player’s game film will provide a solid, comprehensive overview of any athlete. 

Combine News

About NSC

Beyond Sports, LLC provides premium resources that bridge the gap between athletes and coaches at each competitive level. 

We provide first-class sports testing events through our “National Scouting Combine” brand. We strive to assist athletes by telling their story through our  “Beyond the Sidelines” news platform. Our 501(c)(3) Private Operating Foundation non-profit, the “BSN Foundation, Inc.” was created to provide the best combine testing experience for younger athletes. 

Top Combine Performances

Year F NAME L NAME POS Vertical
2016 Jonathan Querisma DB 44.5
2020 Keyon Thomas WR 43.5
2014 Darryl Hamilton DB 43.5
2018 Matt Sewall WR 43
2013 Devon Simmons DB 42
2019 Dillon Salva TE 41.5
2018 Grant Kimberlin WR 41.5
2018 Titus Williams DB 41.5
2018 Shawn Mitchell WR 41
2015 Maurice Jones DB 41
2013 Rashad Rich WR 41
2013 Keith Holliday LB 41
2011 Frankie Waters WR 41
2010 Donavon Sawyer DB 40.5
2016 Elad Covaliu RB 40.5
2014 Keenen Terry DB 40.5
2012 Jayah Kaisamba DB 40.5
2011 Alan Strong DB 40.5
2020 Jordan Leverette WR 40
2016 Terron Beckham RB 44
2015 Mike Montoya RB 41
2017 Darren Wilson DL 39
2019 Dan Iannone OL 37
2013 Lavon McCoy OL 36
2012 Arthur Smith LB 35
2015 Justin Waltzer DT/DE 34
2014 Robert Hayes DL 33
2016 Collin Keoshian DL 33
2014 Charlie Hatchett LB 32
2014 Deshawn Ross DL 32
2014 Brandon Felas DL 31
2012 Anthony Echols DE/OLB 31
2016 Dewayne Beckford LB 31
2020 Aleksander Kocaqi RB 31
2019 Tyron Roberts DL 31
2019 Chase Stehling OL 31
2013 Lantz Castleman OL 31
2019 Johan Williams DT 31
2014 Tyler Sizemore OL 31
2017 Kevin Smith Jr. DL 31
2016 Bernard Lokota DL 31
2013 Richard Rhodes WR 3.78
2013 Garry Coles WR 3.8
2011 Justin Brockmeyer RB 3.8
2013 Carlos DeLaRosa WR 3.81
2013 Bryce Brown WR 3.85
2015 Moe Brown WR 3.9
2013 Ken Kale DB 3.9
2011 Lynell Suggs WR 3.9
2020 Kyle Buss WR 3.91
2016 Elad Covaliu RB 3.96
2012 Casey Therriault QB 3.96
2012 Will Morris DB 3.97
2013 Keiron Jones DB 3.97
2019 Rustam Potokov OL 3.98
2010 Tyrone Arrington DB 3.98
2010 Willie Bodrick DB 3.98
2015 Dominic Clarke DB 3.99
Year F NAME L NAME POS 40 Yard
2012 Jeremy Blount WR 4.25
2013 Maurice Legget CB/S 4.27
2010 Chad Kackert RB 4.31
2019 Max Cepeda WR 4.34
2013 Keiron Jones CB/S 4.36
2011 Alan Strong CB 4.36
2012 Frank Wolf RB 4.36
2013 Richard Rhodes WR 4.38
2010 Justin Gannon RB 4.38
2013 Tarrell Downing WR 4.4
2013 Michael Butler CB/S 4.41
2020 Keyon Thomas WR 4.41
2012 Jayah Kaisamba CB 4.42
2013 Marcus Sims RB 4.42
2020 Christopher Murray WR 4.42
2010 Jamar Hibler CB/S 4.42
Year F NAME L NAME POS Broad Jump
2019 Donovan Stephenson Jr. DB/ST 131
2019 George Parker DB 130
2020 Keyon Thomas WR 129.5
2020 Jordan Leverette WR 129
2018 Adehkeem Brown DB 129
2018 Joseph Lewis RB 128.5
2012 Roosevelet Ross RB 128
2011 Frankie Waters WR 128
2013 Larry Lowe WR 128
2012 Marquis Butler CB 127.5
2019 Karrheem Darrington DB 127
2013 Lennel Elmore WR 127
2013 Jeremy Moore DB 127
2019 Jerry Williams WR 127
2014 Brian Brikowski LB 127
2020 Kyle Haines WR 126.5
2020 Christopher Bury TE 126.5
2013 Devon Simmons DB 126
2019 Landon Jones WR 126
2018 Cameron Bailey WR 126
2013 Rashad Rich WR 126
2020 Robert Baker Jr WR 126
2020 Vextor Jallah WR 6.08
2013 Greg Jackson LB 6.25
2010 Chad Kackert RB 6.28
2016 Cabrini Concalve OLB/S 6.28
2013 Michael Butler CB/S 6.32
2013 Andre Twine CB 6.35
2011 Justin Brockmeyer RB 6.38
2013 Mercier Doucette WR 6.4
2013 Antoine Brown RB 6.4
2011 Darien Hardy S 6.44
2011 Bobby Hatchell RB 6.46
2013 Bryce Brown WR/QB 6.47
2013 Marquone Edmonds WR 6.5
2013 Keiron Jones CB/S 6.5
2013 Richard Rhodes WR 6.5
2013 Devin O’Brien QB 6.5
Year F NAME L NAME POS Trazer (Secs)
2020 Landon Jones WR 32
2020 Nick Rinnella DB 34
2020 Edrick Gonzales WR 34
2020 Isaiah Smith DB 34
2020 Jamal Ware LB 34
2020 Jonathan McKinney DL 34
2020 Christopher Murray WR 35
2020 Armand Van Rensburg DB 35
2020 Armand van Rensburg RB 35
2020 Zachary Confrancesco DB 35
2020 Hasani Figuerioa RB 35
2020 Damon Cox RB 35
2020 Vextor Jallah WR 36
2020 Derek Parnell DB 36
2020 Kyle Haines WR 36
2020 Donald Johnson DB 36
2020 Joseph Czelusniak QB 36
2020 Adereio Jones Jr WR 36
2020 Steven Edwards DB 36

Christopher Bury | TE | Notre Dame

“The National Scouting Combine was a great opportunity for me to get official test numbers and get my information out to teams and scouts to gain necessary exposure. It is always a big challenge for athletes to get official verified numbers but the National Scouting Combine gave me this opportunity. The entire staff works with the players to put them into the best position to succeed. They give players opportunities to promote themselves on and off the field. They have a setup to do all combine tests and to perform official position drills. The event also allows for players to gain useful contacts with teams and National Scouting Combine staff members to further promote themselves. The National Scouting Combine provided me with a chance to showcase my abilities as a free agent and put myself in a good position to have success in my pursuit to play professional football. I want thank the National Scouting Combine staff for giving players this unique chance to demonstrate their skills.”

Jamal Ware | LB | Maryville College

“My testimonial would be because of COVID-19, it has hindered my ability to showcase my talents at pro days, workouts, and tryouts. But, because of the NSC I can still send official numbers and video to each team, while also gaining the opportunity to meet scouts in face and build a relationship with them. Lastly, the NSC is second only to the NFL combine which helps me have something else to hang my hat on as one of the top performers!”

Nolan Saraceni | RB | Montana Tech

“First and foremost I would like to thank the NSC staff for giving me the opportunity to showcase my skills in front of scouts and allow myself to get relevant combine numbers. This combine is by far the best Combine I have been to. The rooms were great and the food that was provided by NSC was great as well. You can feel that they had a passion for helping those who may not have had an NFL Combine invite and others who are just chasing that opportunity. They were extremely supportive and willing to market the players in every way possible. I was beyond impressed with the testing once we got going. Everything was very organized and professional just as it should be. When it came to the testing they had both hand time and laser time which makes your test times that much more official. The number of scouts that attended the Scouting Combine was even better. This staff truly knows how to put together a legit A+ combine experience and was by far the best combine experience I have been a part of.”

Kyle Haines | WR | Shippensburg

“Thank you for the support and helping with promoting me for the next level. I am most definitely interested and my experience at the national scouting combine was incredible. It was my first official opportunity and it was a professional combine. All verified, legitimate laser times and numbers are vital to have especially in the times we are facing today. All of the coaches and personnel involved were professional in every aspect. It is such a blessing to have the opportunity to be apart of the national scouting combine and I can’t be more grateful to have verified numbers.”

What The National Scouting Combine Does


Comprehensive Standardize Professional Testing. The National Scouting Combine provides each participant with the highest level of testing standards which will showcase their abilities to personnel at all levels.

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Grading System

With our grading system, comprehensive state of the art performance testing and strategic partners, every athlete will learn what (next) level is attainable and where they can have the most success.

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Data Analysis

The data provided will allow athletes to understand how to improve the athletic cognitive, muscular & mechanical abilities to upgrade their opportunities to reach their highest level of competition. 

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Event Development

We will develop local, regional and national events at the various levels of competition. We have an efficient and thorough approach to conducting top notch events.

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Youth/High School

The creation of the BSN Foundation in 2015 has allowed us to provide the same type of professional testing to youth & high school athletes. The BSN Foundation is a 501(c)(3) private operating foundation, our goal is to develop regional combines for aspiring collegiate athletes that play football and provide comprehensive standardized performance testing. Youth/HS testing is provided to all athletes in all sports. 


In 2010 we conducted our first combine at the Catholic University in Washington, DC for aspiring pro athletes.. We became the official combine for the AFL and  conducted various regional combines across the USA. In 2012 we decided to develop a National event to provide athletes an opportunity to experience an event ilke the NFL Combine. We began to scout the country for the best athletes, not invited to the NFL Combine.


Since 2010, the National Scouting Combine has tested 1,251 aspiring pro athletes. Since 2015, BSN Foundation has tested 1,771 aspiring collegiate athletes. Coaches and scouts will soon have an option to subscribe to valuable combine data, grades and reports that will provide insights and identify athletes prepared to compete. Comprehensive standardized professional testing along with our proprietary grading algorithm revolutionizes how athletes are recruited in the future.

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