Gary Ramey Jr. | Bridgewater College | OLB

Twitter: @GaryRameyJr | Instagram: @gtr.15

Q: Tell us about your college career and what the recruiting process was like. Why did you choose Bridgewater College?

A: I chose Bridgewater because of the great education as well as the opportunity to play under a great coach such as Coach Clark. I knew Bridgewater had experience of playing for a national championship, and I really wanted to be a part of that. After four years playing under Coach Clark, I was blessed enough to start for three consecutive seasons, as well as be named a team captain twice my junior and senior year. 

Q: What would you consider to be your biggest accomplishment in your sports career so far?

A: Besides being voted captain by my teammates and coaches, I would say having the ability to say I was a three time all conference selection. Not too many people out there can say they played at a high level each year they were a starter and that is something I will always remember.

Q: What do you consider to be one of the more important things you learned from the coaching staff while playing at Bridgewater? 

A: I learned to never be complacent and settle for average. After my sophomore season, our entire coaching staff remodeled the program back into one with winning traditions. They very easily could’ve settled for average, however they did not and they helped us the put the work in necessary to hoist the ODAC championship my senior year on our home field.

Q: What was your major and what are your plans if football doesn’t work out?

A: I am a Health and Exercise Science major with a concentration in Physical Therapy. I plan on receiving my PT certification and developing a career working with athletes in the rehabilitation process.

Q: What would your current/past teammates say about you and your qualities?

A: I believe they would say I am a great leader on and off the field. I’ve always taken my role as a leader to heart as I’ve always did whatever in my power to keep my teammates as well as myself on pace for our goals, regardless the size. I’d also like to think they’d say I was a hell of a player as well! 

Q: What has been one of the most memorable plays of your career at any level?

A: The final two games of my college career both possessed the by far biggest plays of my career. Against Randolph-Macon, which was for the conference championship, I made a 4th & 1 tackle in the backfield to stop their opening drive which then lead to us putting the first points on the board and spring-boarded us to a victory that afternoon. Two weeks later, in the first round of the NCAA national playoffs, we hosted #9 Delaware Valley. I had my first collegiate interception before halftime and also has a critical 3rd and 1 tackle for loss which gave us the ball back late in the fourth quarter to have a chance to regain the lead.

Q: What has been your biggest challenge and how do you manage it?

A: My biggest challenge would probably be tearing my ACL my sophomore year of high school. I wouldn’t wish any form of injury on any player but as many people know knee injuries are no joke. I managed it by rehabbing extremely hard and really putting focus towards getting my body back into playing shape for that next season. 

Q: If you could compare yourself to a pro athlete, who would that be and why?

A: I would compare my game to Anthony Barr of the Minnesota Vikings. I believe we are both tall, aggressive, and dynamic players that can play any linebacker position on the field. He lines up between the tackles, on the edge, and spaced outside of the hashes and those are all places I lined up during my time at Bridgewater. We also are both 6’5 so I find that pretty interesting.  

Q: What is your biggest strength that you bring to a professional team and why should pro scouts consider you?

A: A lot of people say the eat, sleep, and breathe football but I can personally say football has been my #1 passion my entire life. A lot of football players are good athletes and perform well during games but there aren’t many players I’ve met that put in more time scouting opponents, rewatching past games, and breaking down practice film like myself. I pride myself on being able to tell you the outcome of at least 80% of my college snaps, and that’s simply from loving the game enough to watch it over and over again. Coaches have told me in the past I really should look into coaching once my playing career is over simply because I have a good feel of the game.  

Q: Are you involved in mentoring, a charity or do you “give back”/”pay it forward” in your community?

A: I still help out with our recruiting days for future Bridgewater Eagles. I enjoy meeting young players and sharing with them my experiences and perspective as a graduating athlete and how my time at BC was. I have a lot of love for this program and want to see them continue to succeed in the future.

Q: How are you preparing for the 2020 National Scouting Combine and what are your goals?

A: I’ve been working out nearly every day with our Master Strength & Conditioning Coach here at Bridgewater, Brandon Beach. We’ve been working both in the weight room and on the field to get my body ready for the test at the combine and future pro day. My goals are to come out and show scouts that I can move well for my height as well as show them I have the footwork needed to play at the next level.

Q: What would be your ultimate achievement?

A: Making it professionally and retiring my parents. 

Q: What do you enjoy doing when not playing football?

A: Watching football, and playing PlayStation with my friends here at Bridgewater and back home. Q: Who is or has been the most influential person in your life? A: My mother. She has taught me the importance of hard work and has sacrificed so much for me to be in the position I am in today.

Q: What is something unique about you that people would find interesting?

A: I was a junior Olympian in track and field during elementary-middle school. I have 5 medals from the AAU nationals with my best being a silver medal in the Pentathlon (hurdles, high jump, long jump, shot put, 1500m). 

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