Athletic Performance Predictor – “NSC APP”

We have a proprietary “combine algorithm” that produces a numerical “grade” calculated from athletic performances in each of the combine drills. The grade identifies and forecasts the level that best fits the individual’s current athletic abilities. Our goal is to reach the younger athletes and provide a road map for success (training, recruiting, etc.) while helping the older athletes begin to realistically understand what level of competition they should focus on if they want to succeed in competing at the next level.

Our National Scouting Combine Grade was created to help athletes understand what their athletic capabilities are, what NCAA or Pro level they could “athletically compete at”, and most importantly, having real data to use to improve. What makes the National Scouting Combine unique is our approach to helping every athlete receive unbiased and verified data to identify specific asymmetries and deficiencies. No other combine testing event will give you the data you need to break down a complete athletic analysis using technology and data!

Our approach significantly decreases the amount of time that coaches and scouts will need to figure out which athletes they should target as our grading system provides a way to actually learn who the best “athletes” are at each event. Our proprietary grading system combined with an athlete’s game film will provide coaches & scouts a comprehensive overview of any athlete.