Ramiro Ferrand | BEST Sports Career Management and Adviser Service

Twitter: @FerrandSports

Q: What qualities do you look for in representing an athlete?

A:  A humble athlete, business minded and charitable heart.


Q: Tell us a little bit about your sports career as a player and agent?

A: Started out placing high school athletes on college rosters via scholarships. Then I started to work as an agent for Rivals Professional Football League where I hosted a combine for military football players in San Diego, CA. I then started working as an agent supplying athletes to pro developmental indoor and arena teams in the IFL and NAL



Q: What motivated you to become an Agent?

A: I was motivated to become an agent even though i am an independent agent was because I was told I couldn’t do it because I was not a part of the NFLPA as a certified agent. I found ways around the NFL Players Union by aligning myself with NFLPA certified agents to allow my clients to be represented for the draft or camp invitations.



Q: How did 2020 and the pandemic affect your professional opportunities?

A:  As leagues shut down, athletes did not feel the need to use my services due to uncertainty if they would play. Most athletes don’t believe in being proactive even in COVID19.



Q: What are some of the benefits you provide to the clients and perspective clients?

A: Hardwork, dedication, attention to detail, and the opportunity to learn how to be a businessman and not just an athlete.



Q: What characteristics make an athlete attractive to represent?

A: University attended, Junior Day with a draft grade, Pro Day from their own school, good measurables, combine invitation, Reese’s Senior Bowl Invite, East West Shrine Bowl Invite, NFLPA Bowl invite and or a NFL team facility visit.



Q: How can attending the National Scouting Combine improve an athlete’s stock value?

A: With COVID19 affecting many school Pro Day this will compensate for that. This event has helped marginalized athletes get legitimate numbers in the absence of their school not hosting a Pro Day.



Q: What are the benefits to the athlete for having an agent?

A:  They will have someone to pay for housing, a meal plan and training while preparing for their Pro Day. Certified NFLPA agents are bound to pay for this whether the client gets drafted or not. The NFLPA certified agent assumes all of the risk.



Q: How long have you been an agent, what certifications do you uphold?

A: I started in 2015 as an independent agent and also seeking college scholarships for high school athletes as well. I am educated by Leigh Steinberg (original Jerry McGuire) and Chris Cabot of Steinberg Sports and Entertainment, educated by New York University in Fundamentals of Global Sports Management, educated at San Diego City College in news broadcast and radio television and film and currently completing my diploma at Penn Foster Career College in Private Investigations.



Q: What can a player do to make themselves more attractive to pro-organizations?

A:  Attend a power 5 university if possible or transfer to an FCS playoff school by junior year if attending a D2 and below college. Be of good character and be a DAMN GOOD ATHLETE!



Q: Do you believe scouting has evolved for better or worse due to the 2020 pandemic?

A: I think it has evolved for the better because now marginalized athletes and power 5 athletes have the same problem of getting seen in the postseason.



Q: What do you enjoy most about being an agent?

A: Taking marginalized athletes and convincing them that they need film to move up a level and when they listen and end up on a XFL roster i enjoy listening to their testimony of their journey.


Q: What’s the best piece of advice you have received?

A:  To just keep going!