2021 National Scouting Combine Player Comparison: Yasir Thomas

Written by Jimmy Kibble

April 2, 2021

2021 National Scouting Combine | football | Grand Park | Indianapolis | Jeremiah Wait | Jimmy Kibble | Player Comparison | Yasir Thomas

DB Yasir Thomas – Lafayette: In the box player that likes to be physical, isn’t afraid of contact. Downhill attacking style. Question was his range, showed a strong burst, but covering long distances quickly needed improvement. Also needed to prove that he could flip his hips and show that he could move laterally consistently. Came in and showed that even w/his size, that he could move and showed body control. One of most impressive players at Combine. When comparing him to 2021 NFL Draft Prospect DB Tre Norwood of the Oklahoma Sooners, he performed better.

Tre Norwood Pro Day Results (3/12/21) vs. Yasir Thomas at The National Scouting Combine (3/9/21) – 3-Cone, Pro Agility, and 40 yd. dash all laser-timed at the National Scouting Combine.

Tre Norwood


Yasir Thomas

Height 5117     Height 5110
Weight 192     Weight 216.8
Hand 9.5     Hand 9.25
Arm 29 1/8     Arm 31.75
Wingspan 72 1/4     Wingspan 76.75
40 yd. 4.58     40 yd. 4.59
Bench 12     Bench 17
Vertical 33.5     Vertical 36
Broad Jump 10’03”     Broad Jump 116.5
Pro Agility 4.50     Pro Agility 4.18
3-Cone Drill 7.68     3-Cone Drill 7.12

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2021 National Scouting Combine Results

One of the more important things I learned while at Lafayette is that in this world you have to be a man and handle your business, and that football is a microcosm of life. The similarities to how you handle adversity in life and in a football, game almost require the same thought process, and strategic planning.

My biggest strength is my ability to adapt and grow in a system, I’m a versatile but consistent player. This allows me to play smart, play fast and physical/dominant. I will grow in a defense and be an impact player especially after I get reps behind my belt. I love the film room, so I’ll be able to put myself in some great situations through play recognition and instincts. I’m also a special team’s assassin, this is where I thrive. Pro scouts should consider me because i can make an impact on day 1, I love special teams, and I’m here to grow and compete wherever I am on the field. They won’t have to coach effort or question my integrity for the game, I play hard and get the job done.


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