How do you obtain information about what is the best way to improve your skills (online, trainers, etc.)?

I used to collect all my resources off the Internet until I had enough material to do it myself and personally create my own workouts. All these years, I literally never had a trainer. Of course youtube itself played a big factor in gathering most of this information. But also from individual Players who have excelled great playing the game for over years (e.g. Estrus Crayton, John Clements).

In Life – They don’t say watch and learn for no reason. Once I see it, I manage to get it down pretty quick.

How would you like to see yourself promoted to other teams? Certain physical skills? Mental skills? Abilities? Please explain…

I believe that I am by far one of the most versatile players coming out of Europe/Germany. If not, the most versatile. I can play any Skill Position at a high competitive Level, which means, someone goes down and coach needs a person to get the job done just as good, I´m right there next to him, ready to go. Also, I just love the physical part of football but at the same time the mental part as well. It’s very strategic. Watching film and studying the man you will have to beat come game day, being better than the person across from you, that’s what it all comes down to. I´m a player that hates losing and gives everything in his power to not let his coaches and teammates down, come gameday. And whatever coach asks of me I give my all to get the job done. Period

Talk about what has transpired since your participation in the 2016 National Scouting Combine. Did you receive a workout? Tryout? Contract? And if so, with who and where?

Personally BSN 2016 was the kickstarter off setting my belief-bar as high as it could possibly be right now. I know for sure that I can compete on the highest level and with the best of them. I had several CFL Teams interested (e.g. Montreal Allouettes, Saskatchawan Roughriders ) but I ended up going to Finland SAJL for the season 2016 as I felt that I needed one more year to get the last piece of dog out of me, to be mentally and physically ready for NFL/CFL. Whenever that opportunity should come.

Recently I was blessed with signing a contract with the Bloomington Edge for the 2017 Champions Indoor Football League. For me personally this is the next big step as I always wanted to play in the states and prove that coming from Germany/Europe anything is possible. It all comes down to, HOW MUCH YOU REALLY WANT IT?!

Social Media can play both a positive and negative role in athlete’s lives… what is your approach when using social media and what are your goals on a monthly basis?

First of all, I’m not a big fan of social media, but it keeps me and my family across the world in touch. Especially with my family in the USA when I’m overseas playing Ball. When it comes to my social media pages like Facebook, or Instagram, I try to focus on only posting football related things. Most of my posts are about football, motivational speeches or in general, life inspiring posts. I want every coach/football fan/friend/family member to feel and know how much I really love and live this game

Once they visit my page

Instagram : shine4dime

nikolester2How do you train to stay focused on your position and improving everything from speed to strength and technique?

It all depends:

  • Off-season I try to hit the gym 5-6week/45min-1hour. 2 out of 5-6 days I hit the field and focus on speed, footwork and technique (Cardio).
  • In-Season. Since we have practice 3 times a week in Europe ( most of the Top Clubs )

I would cut down my Cardio days but still try to hit the gym 4-5 a week/45min.

I’ve learned that it is very critical to find your balance between working out and playing football In-Season. You need to know how much rest your body needs to prevent yourself from injuries.

And to stay focused I watch motivational and inspiring videos on youtube and think about my family in the US & Germany. Family is my motivation and keeps me focused and striving towards my goal.

How do you think the National Scouting Combine can be improved to help athletes get to where they want?

If you ask me the entire staff that is involved around BSN & the National Scouting Combine is doing an awesome job. Nothing really to add to that!

Just a thought of my own – maybe have own BSN Football Agents and assign them to the registered BSN athletes that had a good performance at the combine. For the ones that really have a shot at the next level. We all know it’s all about who you know, and then again, who that person knows.

Other than that , I would always recommend attending a National Scouting Combine if you really want to know how good you are, as you will have top competition at every position and are able to measure yourself with some of the best from all over the country.

How serious do you take your nutrition? Do you make this a key factor in supplementing your workouts?

Pasta and Rice with chicken, vegetables, eggs etc….Also can’t forget fruits.

That’s what I mainly eat, and in big portions. Daily! But I also have a cheat day once a weak, I’m not going to lie. I have to crave for different things, but only on this ‘special’ day.

nikolesterHow has the National Scouting Combine affected you?

Back then I already believed I can play in the big leagues NFL/CFL one day if I give it all I have and stay focused. Now I know for sure, I can play in the big Leagues after attending the National Scouting Combing!

Thanks again to the National Scouting Combine and all the people involved giving their best to get you to where you want to be!

Talk about your time in Europe and how that has molded you into the player you have become.

It’s simple. In Europe/Germany you pay to play Football. Sounds crazy, but that’s how it is. You play the game for the love of it. For the majority of Football Players in Europe it is a ‘hobby’ but I never looked at it that way, since I had a goal. Even way back, when it all seemed impossible to play in the big Leagues without playing College Football, something in my Heart told me that I can make it. Step by step.

So, being the caliber type Player I am myself, it’s a big blessing to play in Europe. You don’t just play one position. You might be needed on several Positions depending on the type of skillset you have. So compared to the states, where most of the players mainly have one position they play, I had the privilege to play and gain knowledge on both sides of the ball, play almost every skill position at a high level. Getting coached by American coaches and players from the US, I managed to perform pretty good at all these Positions. But the biggest plus that helped me get to where I am at today, is that I have two mentalities, the German and the American. Playing the game having the American mentality and not taking it as a hobby ‘as most of the Europeans‘ do, that made me the player I am today.

Plain and simple, this game changed my entire life. That’s the reason I love this game so much, play it with so much passion and will keep playing it, until I don’t feel perfectly happy with it anymore.

But there is way more to the story and journey….

What are a few things players in the USA need to know about playing in Europe… the good, the bad, etc.

I’ll do a quick listing here


  • • You receive pretty good contracts as an American Import, compared to other leagues in the US (other than NFL of course)
  • • Get to continue playing Football at a good, competitive level (after High School/College)
  • • Get to experience Europe in your free time (most of the Americans goal)
  • • You basically become a ‘coach’ as you pass on all the knowledge you gained from playing in the states to your teammates and your coaches.
  • • You establish a tight bond with your new teammates. It becomes a brotherhood.
  • • Playing in Germany/GFL (most competitive league in all Europe) can get you a shot with the NFL

Those are just a few, but you’ll definitely experience way more positive things once you get signed and touchdown in Europe. Nothing to lose – Only to win!


There is really nothing negative I can come up with, playing in Europe as an American Import. Maybe that you won’t get most of the food here in Europe, you eat back at home. Haha