Q: What team(s) have you had a chance to work out with or sign with?

A: I played for the Potsdam Royals in the 1st German League following my combine whom I was already signed with in case I couldn’t get anything from the combine in regard to other teams in higher leagues being interested. This year I signed with the Frankfurt Universe in the top German League which is also considered the best league outside of Canada and the NFL and maybe XFL. I have a tryout for international players coming up in a week for the CFL in Frankfurt. Not really sure what to expect as its the first time the CFL is doing this type of thing for international players overseas. Other than that the Saskatchewan Roughriders offered me to do a tryout while I was in Germany during my season in 2019, but I turned it down because they wanted me to pay for all my expenses including the tryout in Maryland. 

Q: How are things going so far?

Things are going good. I’m loving the experience that I’m having in Germany. I get paid pretty well for only having to pay for my food while the team covers all other expenses, and I also get to travel the world which is an amazing experience on itself. Playing in the German League the schedules aren’t as demanding as they were in college or are in the NFL so you get a lot of free time to make few day trips to travel to different places, plus a month off in the middle of the season. I was able to travel to 7 countries in  6 months and still save some money for home.

Q: Tell us a little about your college experience and some memorable moments.

A: I played at Bemidji State University with my final season being in 2016. I was a 1st team all conference runningback and a 1st Academic All American my final season. I also finished the season with 1154 yards rushing, averaging 7.9 yards per carry which was 2nd in the NCAA Division 2 that season. I hold the school record at 7.0 Yards per carry for my career. Following college I was invited to the Minnesota Vikings Rookie camp as undrafted free agent tryout. I made it through rookie camp but they did not retain me following that.

A:My most memorable moment in college were beating #2 ranked Minnesota State Mankato in 2016 on their home opener, and not just beating them but absolutely demolishing them and just seeing the sadness and shock on their fans faces was something I will forever cherish, because before the game they were all talking their talk at our team as we were walking to the field. My other most memorable moment in College is winning the NCAA Division 2 Mineral Water Bowl vs Washburn University in 2016. It was memorable because it was Bemidji State’s first postseason victory in the schools history and we did it coming from behind at halftime. The best part about that whole experience (since we won especially) is that the bus ride back to Minnesota was 16 hours or something like that so it was a fun ride back!

Q: What was your experience like at the 2019 National Scouting Combine and did it meet your expectations?

A: My experience was pretty good! I think when I went it may have been the first time they were conducting the combine at the facility if I’m not mistaken and I’d say overall it was pretty well organized. It would have been nicer to have more sturdy and thicker turf for us to use but you got use what you have access too so it did the job. I liked how it was laser tested which makes our numbers more legitimate. I didn’t come with any expectations to be honest. I just came out in hope to compete against a bunch of guys hungry like myself and hopefully perform in front of some scouts. I guess if anything I expected there to be a few more scouts present on the field during our testing and drills but It was also the same day as the real NFL combine so that probably didn’t help our case.


Q: What has the transition from college to pro been like so far?

A: The transition has been very smooth I would say. In college you are doing football and also school, and in my case my senior season I was taking 18 credits in Business Finance so it was very demanding. When your in the pro’s your simply focused on football. It’s your job and you get paid to do that which is great. I worked a small part time online job as well during the season but it was based on my availability so I could work as much or as little as I wanted. Essentially a way to kill time and earn money while doing so if I’m not participating in any football activities. 

Q:What have you learned so far about becoming a pro athlete that you aren’t taught in college?

A: I would say the thing I learned about becoming a pro athlete vs a college athlete is in the pro’s your held to a higher standard than the average citizen. Your expected to not act a fool or be as immature as you could when you were in college, and in addition the organization expect more out of you in regard to community involvement than most college organizations. In the pro’s you do signing events, fan cook outs, join in on fundraisers, etc… as a pro athlete I would say it primarily teaches you to become more involved with the community surrounding and supporting the team and it helps build your people skills due to those interactions.

Q: What are your expectations for 2020 and the prospect of playing professional football?

A: I’m currently signed to play for the Frankfurt Universe in Germany in the top European league, however I have a CFL international player combine also in Frankfurt Jan 26, 2020 so hopefully I perform so well there that a team in the CFL ends up signing me. 

A:What has been the motivation to continue to strive for professional football?

A:The motivation is simple. It’s the love of the game. I love football more than anything in the world at the moment and its what makes me happiest in life, even during those hard, about to die training sessions. I love that grind that hustle and the physical and mental toll football takes on you, I think it has helped me develop as a person more than anything in the world, and not a bad person, but a much better one! I love the game and the passion burns to play more than ever, and I believe I still have yet to hit my prime so for me I feel if I stopped I’d be wasting potential talent and opportunity.

Q:Who has been influential & supportive in your success and kept you on track to succeed?

A:To be quite frank with you, nobody. I’ve always been my worst critic but also my biggest believer as well. I have always pushed myself to become the best I can be in whatever I do in life ever since I was young, regardless of what it is, even if it’s walking i always want to be the best and fastest walker compared to those walking around me. I’m a competitor at heart and I believe my competitive nature and just overall thrill of chasing to becoming the best at something has always kept me on track to succeed.

Q: If you could provide athletes in college advice on what it takes to get to the “next level”, what are some tips you would provide?

A:I’d say what it takes to get to the next level is those little things that you don’t think matter as much as they really do. When your sleeping you better understand there’s someone working while your sleeping, someone grinding their ass off to get ahead of you. In life we only get one opportunity and I just want college guys to know if you want to get to the next level you better do everything extra you can until your mind doesn’t have the ability to say stop or no itself. Study film of other players in your position, study coverage’s, study the techniques NFL players use to be great, stretch multiple times daily, massage daily, eat healthy, create a routine, and most importantly feed off others success. You see someone getting further than you or working harder than you in real life or social media, take note of that and know you gotta work harder. BIGGEST ADVISE IS HUMBLE YOURSELVES! Unless your the best in your position in the NFL than you have no right to act like your the bees knees, if your not in the NFL most likely a majority of those guys could steal your soul, so rather than talking get to working and strive to be the top of the top. One thing I regret is during my Rookie Camp with the Minnesota Vikings is I didn’t ask after every practice to all the coaches coaching me what I could have done better to improve and what my day or practice was like, Just make sure you don’t be afraid to go above and beyond to give yourself the best opportunity possible.

2021 National Scouting Combine LB Position Drills

2021 National Scouting Combine LB Position Drills

2021 National Scouting Combine LB Combine Drills Number First Name Last Name POS Height Weight 177 Sean Bernard LB 74.5 236.3 180 Marvin Booker LB 74 231.8 165 Aaron Donalson LB 73.25 244.8 195 Kamel Douhne LB 71.25 258 174 Adedayo Idowu LB 72.625 216.4 172 Antonio...