“Nothing brings a team together more than going through the tough times… together.”

I have greatly enjoyed talking with Evan Patrick, linebacker from Limestone College. The main thing about Patrick that stands out to me is his total team-based mindset. There are many people who are just looking to get theirs, whether it be money, fame or other material factors. Evan Patrick isn’t one of them. He is driven by his pure and unabated love for the game of football. I have had the pleasure of talking to a well-grounded young man who will undoubtedly be successful at whatever he pursues in football and in life.

Patrick truly enjoyed his college football experience at Limestone. He described it as “an experience he wouldn’t trade for”, helping to build the program from the ground up and getting lots of in-game experience. He had no upperclassmen above him, so he played the role of upperclassman in all four of his seasons with the team. He also had the chance to play for two different coaching staffs and two different defensive schemes. This helped to grow and deepen his leadership skills while getting lots of time to bond with his team. These were Patrick’s favorite moments: “anything to do with me and my teammates out on the field or in the weight room, grinding together and bonding together.” He truly believes that nothing brings a team together like going through the tough times – together. One of the moments that showed his team’s pure strength in the face of adversity came when Limestone found themselves down by 14 at halftime. However, they were able to come back, force overtime and win the game with a goal line stand.

The things that stand out to me about Evan Patrick are his love for not only the game of football, but of the process he must follow to become great. His workout plan consists of separate upper and lower-body workouts, each twice a week. He also allows two days a week to “just go have fun in the weight room” and does varying types of field workouts 3 to 4 days a week. He also takes a lot of his nutrition and health plans from the school’s strength staff. He is a true student of the game and he is constantly searching for opportunities to learn and to make himself the best he can be. The fame and bright lights aren’t what he’s after: he simply wants to play the game he loves and play it to the best of his ability. He aspires to make it as far as he can in football and he knows that with his mindset and mental versatility, the sky is the limit. Outside of football, he hopes to one day be in the position to take care of his family and give them everything they could ever want. Off the football field, he hopes to start in sales and work his way into real estate (pending with his football career of course).

Mr. Patrick seems very eager to get to our National Scouting Combine, and we are eager to host him as well! He looks to performs his best and show scouts that he is “able and capable of playing with any level of competition.” Patrick has all the mental strength and overall characteristics of both a good football player and a great person. I know he will give everything he does 100% and, as long as he continues to do so, will have a very successful future regardless of what it may hold.