The ability to willingly embrace change is one that few people contain. Change has a way of making us uncomfortable and pushing us past where we feel we should be. However, Justin Williams has exhibited this ability time and time again during our conversations. He has changed roles, positions and even universities during his college career and taken it all with a smile. This attribute is one of his strongest and will undoubtedly lead to success in whatever he does with his life.

Williams’ versatility began to showcase itself when he arrived at Michigan State University and was asked to take snaps at corner. “I can play [corner] as well”, Williams states, “but I’ve always felt like I was a natural running-back.” This being the case, he was more than thrilled when his move to Hampton University also became a move to his self-defined natural position. “When Hampton University gave me the opportunity to play running-back I jumped on it,” Williams says, “because I knew I was more comfortable being an offensive player.” He also participated in all special teams formations and embraced the opportunities. He knows that above all things, he “can make plays with the ball in his hand.” His favorite memories and moments were any times he helped the team contribute to a win on offense, defense or special teams. He loved the experience and was thrilled to play with his teammates every Saturday. The only downside to the experience was the end result. He felt that the team could have performed better, but the process and experience was still a great one.

Williams follows a heavy protein-based diet both during the season and offseason. He works during the offseason to regain weight that is lost during the season. His diet contains lots of pasta, chicken, ground beef, and other foods containing protein. He also makes sure to stay hydrated and follows the same routine in order to prevent excessive weight loss. Through all the hard work, however, he has no trouble keeping himself motivated. “Honestly, I really just love the game of football itself.” Williams continues, saying “Football is and has always been all I ever wanted to do. Having this opportunity is like my dream that has come true, knowing that it’s a possibility I could keep playing.” He’s also inspired by his family, saying they have been his top supporters throughout his entire football journey. He aspires to make it to the NFL, which he has dreamed of since he was a child. Outside of football, he hopes to eventually become a trainer and start his own training facility working with upcoming athletes in his hometown.

Williams is hoping to show off his blazing speed and overall talent at the BSN National Scouting Combine. He also hopes to show off his playmaking ability and his ambition. He feels he’s never had anything handed to him and has worked for everything in his life up to this point. “Everything I do thrives on hard work, dedication and prayer.” Williams has the improvisation skills and ability to make something out of nothing, which will be extremely valuable to him both in football and in life