“I just go hard each and every day for the man above and my family.”

Dedicated. This is the one word that comes to mind above all others when I think of Krondis Larry, RB/WR from Samford. In our conversations, he told me about his college experience and what keeps him motivated, as well as his plans and goals for the future. I know that Larry is dedicated to the game of football. He has a pure love for the game and will be successful in football and whatever he puts his mind to in life.

Larry’s college experience was certainly a unique one. Starting at RB, Larry had plenty of the speed and explosiveness needed to make plays. He played RB until his junior year, when his position coach suggested the switch. He was told he was “too fast and run routes too well” to play at RB. This gave him plenty of reps at both RB and WR, making him versatile and valuable to a potential team. One of Larry’s favorite college football memories occurred during his freshman year against Citadel. The Samford offense had a play called “Woody” in which Larry hid behind the OL as the ball was handed to him. The defense, not being able to see him, was shocked when Larry exploded through for the game-winning touchdown to put Samford up in their conference. He also has experience playing kick and punt return in college. Larry is an extremely quick learner and his ability to make game-changing plays is unparalleled.

To stay in shape, Larry does multiple different types of workouts three times a day, Monday-Saturday. He is working to put on a little weight and has begun a meal plan suggested by his trainer consisting of lots of peanut butter sandwiches, baked chicken and rice, and protein shakes. He not only has the physical toughness, he also has the mental strength to push through and achieve what he knows he can achieve. He is largely motivated by his family, predominantly his father who passed away just 4 months ago. His father spent 21 years in prison and was only out for a year before he passed. Larry’s father never got the chance to see him play in person, and that’s what pushes Larry to keep going. “I just want to keep pushing for him,” Larry says, “because I know that all he wanted me to do was play football at my highest potential.” He strives to one day give a kid the opportunities he never had in life and to strengthen his community, helping his family and friends be the best people they can be. He also aspires to “be the best player to ever touch a football on the field” and “make all the doubters into believers.” He also is interested in continuing his career in Geography GIS and making maps.

The BSN National Scouting Combine will be Larry’s first experience in the atmosphere of a combine. He hopes to give our combine something we’ve never seen before and display everything any coach or scout wants to see. I know that he has the work ethic, dedication and heart to achieve anything and everything he hopes to on and off the football field.