Passion for the game of football. The pure will and determination to succeed. The desire to help those around him. These are the things Mr. Stacy Fogg bring to the table. I have enjoyed hearing his story over the past few weeks, and I believe many others will as well.

Mr. Fogg is 22 years old, and lives in Raleigh, NC. He grew up around the game of football, and says that his love for the game comes from his father. “He was a really good player back in his day,” Stacy remarks. His father is truly the driving force behind his passion for the game and his motivation to play the game of football, in my opinion, has never been in question. However, in his senior year of high school, Fogg almost walked away from football due to a new coach in the program. However, he made the choice to switch high schools rather than quit because of the real love for the game he had. When asking about his decision to transfer schools, Fogg replied “It was the hardest decision I’ve had to make” but he did what he had to do to continue playing football. After high school, Fogg decided to take a year off of school and enter the workforce. This didn’t last long, however. “I kept seeing my friends that I had played with off at college living their dreams, and I knew I had to get my life back on track.” After attending Jireh Prep for a short period of time and essentially treading water for a couple years, Fogg discovered Rivals Professional League. Rivals Professional League is a developmental league for the NFL, and Fogg attended a tryout. He got a call saying he made it, and travelled to Miami to play with ex-NFL and CFL players. Fogg believes that this experience “ignited his drive for football even more” and is excited for more opportunities going forward.

Mr. Fogg’s top goal in life is to be successful, no matter where he goes or what he ends up doing. He wants to inspire people and bring change to the world. This was something that came up continuously when talking to him: his desire to help people. He wants to help people with their problems and make people happy. He plans to one day own his own company. When it comes to football, his top goal is to make the NFL and show them that you don’t need to go to some big D1 university to bring talent and skill to the League. He believes that his will is what sets him apart from other athletes. His desire and will to do whatever it takes to both win and progress as an athlete is his driving force, and he made it very clear that he refuses to let anyone outwork him. This work ethic consists of around 4 strength workouts per week, at least an hour of cardio a day and maintaining a diet low on sugars, caffeine and carbs. This will be his first year attending the BSN National Scouting Combine, and we’re excited to have him attend!

Recently, Fogg was asked if he would switch from Linebacker to Strong Safety. When asked how he feels about the switch, he seemed excited and ready for the challenge. His favorite player growing up was Troy Polamalu, so he would like to play the same position as his favorite player. He also told me that he is willing to play wherever his team needs him in order to win. “Any defensive position is my true position as long as I get to hit somebody,” Fogg stated when asked about the switch. I truly believe that Mr. Stacy Fogg will handle the position switch, and other challenges he faces in life, with the same will, determination and grit he brings to the football field.