Jordan Tennyson: Defy the odds

By: Randy Farkas



National Scouting Combine

Jordan Tennyson was born and raised in Louisville Kentucky and always dreamt of playing for the University of Kentucky. Little did he know this dream would one day come true.  Tennyson had a rough upbringing, and was one of four to be raised by their beloved mother. Due to his childhood, Tennyson always had a fire inside him; he was frustrated, he was angry. Then he found football.

Football allowed for Tennyson to use that frustration built up inside him towards something positive. The game was his release, “it became my therapy, my way of finding peace from my problems. It kept me sane”.  Tennyson has faced adversity his whole life not just off the field, but on the field.

“I love helping people become the best they can be”.

“You’re not big enough, not strong enough, not smart enough”. These criticisms have only fueled the Louisville product to continue to prove everyone wrong as he has thus far. Tennyson claims one of his greatest football accomplishments was winning two state championships both his junior and senior year of high school. These championships were not only the firsts in their school history, but were the first all-black public school in the state of Kentucky to accomplish this feat.

Knowing he would most likely not obtain a scholarship for football out of high school, Tennyson took a different approach. Jordan focused on his school work, his mindset was to take one step at a time, and get accepted into the University of Kentucky first.

He did just that, graduating from Central High with a 3.5 grade point average, then making the University of Kentucky football team as a walk on.

Off the field, Jordan is a nutrition and fitness fanatic, “I love helping people become the best they can be”. Tennyson plans to one day become a psychiatrist or open a gym of his own in the future to continue helping others get into shape and focus on their health.

Tennyson is a middle linebacker, but also has the ability to rush the passer both off the edge from an outside backer position, or with his hand in the dirt as a defensive end.  The Kentucky alum has modeled his game and looked up to Ray Lewis his entire football career, and believes he brings that same type of energy and tenacity to the game when he takes the field. Jordan is a film nerd, constantly watching game tape, and learning how he can perfect his craft in any way he can. What sets Tennyson apart from the rest comes from his constant studying of film, “Proper preparation prevents poor performance”.

Tennyson comes into the 2017 National Scouting Combine looking to continue defying the same odds he has his whole life. The former Kentucky walk on looks to impress scouts and coaches by displaying his quickness and ability to rush the quarterback; as well as revealing his leadership abilities and passion for the game.  Remember the name: Jordan Tennyson