National Scouting Combine continues partnership with American Raptors

September 2022 – National Scouting Combine continues to strengthen the strategic partnership with the American Raptors Rugby Club. For the 3rd year in a row, NSC will be providing comprehensive standardized performance testing to assess, grade and evaluate prospects who can be developed into future rugby athletes.


“Our goal has been to deliver more value in the way athletes receive opportunities to learn about the various levels of Rugby,” said Jimmy Kibble, CEO of the National Scouting Combine, “We provide an opportunity for athletes to showcase their abilities and receive incredible opportunities to be seen and scouted by organizations like American Raptors. It has been a privilege to learn from Mark & Peter about the intricacies of rugby while providing them with legitimate athletic prospects.”

Over the course of 5 days, the National Scouting Combine will invite female athletes and free agent athletes to participate in combine testing and position drills. Draft eligible athletes will receive the opportunity to compete in the collegiate showcase game as well.


“The NSC provides an incredible opportunity for the American Raptors to observe high level athletes in an organized competitive environment,” said Mark Bullock, Director of Rugby “As a result the Raptors are in a position to evaluate which players may be best suited to cross over to the rugby environment.  There is great synergy between the NSC and the American Raptors in identifying quality players.”


The National Scouting Combine, founded in 2010 by Jimmy Kibble, provides athletes with real opportunities to receive verified data they can use to improve, develop, and promote their athletic abilities to the “next level”. The National Scouting Combine sets itself apart from every other testing event. Participants are evaluated using a proprietary algorithm that delivers an Athletic Performance Profile (APP) comprised of a comprehensive report of all the athletic data, comparative analysis, and unique insights to overall body control.

The American Raptors are a rugby club composed of crossover athletes. The athletes that make up the Raptors have competed at the highest level of their respective sports. Coming from backgrounds in football, basketball, baseball, wrestling, soccer, and track & field, these athletes possess all the necessary skills to excel at the game of rugby. By placing them in a full-time rugby training environment, we hope to expedite their development and inject the United States national team with elite talent to help them compete on the global stage and eventually win the Rugby World Cup.


2024 National Scouting Combine

January 8th-12th held at Grand Park Events Center in Westifled, IN. Accepting draft eligible nominations now!
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