National Scouting Combine Featured Agent Sam Gordon from G2 Sports Management

Same Gordon | G2 Sports Management | Sports Agent

Twitter: @samgordon83

Q: How did you come to start G2 Sports? What was your motivation?

A:  Well it seems like a lifetime ago now. I started off as a journalist and had my news outlet Prime Time Sports Talk. Learning the business and interviewing players like David Patten, Joe Namath, Devin Hester, Deion Branch, Kevin Faulk, Darrelle Revis and more, I felt impartiality as well as reporting was not my calling. I wanted to help the next Deion Branch or Devin Hester get their shot at living their dreams.


Q: What would you consider to be your biggest accomplishment in your sports career?

A: I would say having become one of the most influential arena football agents in the country and being able to employ over 95 percent of my players this offseason was a tremendous high. In the end it’s about the players and the contacts that I have made in the USFL, NAL, IFL and other leagues are mini accomplishments that go a long way in achieving my goal to give the most opportunities possible. 


Q: What do you consider to be one of the more important things you learned during your career?

A: This business is a two-way street. The player and the agent are one. If the agent cannot make the calls, there is no one to view the film. If the player does not go out and give 150 percent, then the quality of film to reach the next level is not there.


Q: What has been your biggest challenge and how do you manage it?

A: I think the biggest challenge is whenever a player believes another means of representation is a better fit and the questions it makes me ask myself. What can I do better as an agent and as a man? You are always on an endless path to find the perfect representative inside yourself for these gentlemen. But once you remind yourself that that does not exist, it makes the job fun and more rewarding again.


Q: What qualities do you look for when scouting athletes for representation?

A: I look at an athlete in two parts, who they are talent-wise and who they are as a person. A player can be the next Jerry Rice for all I care but I would not represent them if they did not display the qualities that make him a great person and teammate.


Q: How can athletes learn more or get on your radar?

A:  You can email me here at 

Follow us on Instagram @g2sportsmanagement and shoot me a direct message.

Or call me directly at 978-882-2156

Facebook: G2 Sports Management.


Q: What can athletes do to prepare for opportunities at the next level?

A:  Wake up, eat right, run that extra mile, catch that extra ball. But most importantly, keep the blinders on, do not focus on anyone else’s work and or achievements. Because that will only distract you from reaching your mountaintop. 


Q: How important is an athlete’s background and do you look for anything specific?

A: I don’t look at what kind of home they live in, or what city they’re from. I look at the work ethic, and who they are as a person. Some people grow up more fortunate with more tools to succeed than others. But everyone in my mind gets a fair shake if you have the quickness, skill, and mental game.


Q: Who is the perfect candidate that will succeed with your help?

A: An athlete who wakes up to work on themselves in every facet every single day.


Q: If you could make a positive impact on all of society what would it be and why?

A: Every time I make a phone call to tell a player they have an opportunity to live their dream is all the positive impact I need.


Q: Who is or has been the most influential person in your life?

A: My parents. I model my work ethic after all they went through in their lives. As business owners, they started from the bottom and took years to get to where they wanted to be. Whenever I felt like quitting, they always gave me that extra push.


Q: What is something unique about your sport or organization that people would find fascinating?

A: It takes every piece on the field to win a football game. It is not like baseball where one batter hits a homerun to win a game or a basketball player makes that jump shot in the final seconds. Individuality does not exist in the game of football. The coordinator needs to call the right play, the center needs to snap the ball, the quarterback needs to throw the ball, the receiver needs to catch the ball. This is the ultimate sport where if one part of the well oiled machine sputters ever so slightly, the entire rig can go down.


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