National Scouting Combine Featured Athlete Bailey Blanchard, WR from West Alabama

Bayley Blanchard | West Alabama | WR 

Twitter: @blanchard1121 | Instagram: @blanchard1121

Q: Tell us about your college career and what the recruiting/scouting process was like. Why did you choose (Enter school name)?

A: I was blessed to have a great college career. I was a three sport athlete in high school and I was always a baseball guy up until my senior year of high school. I chose The University of West Alabama because they planned on throwing the ball a lot, and I really connected with the receiver coach at the time (Lamont Seward).

Q: What would you consider to be your biggest accomplishment in your sports career so far?

A: I have two accomplishments I am extremely proud of. The first a combination of teams I’ve been a part of. We won a Football State Championship in high school and the Gulf South Conference in college. My individual accomplishment is that I earned the title of being the second all- time leading receiver in UWA history as well three time All GSC WR. I was also voted 2021 Team Captain.

Q: What do you consider to be one of the more important things you learned from the coaching staff while playing at (Enter school name)?

A: One of the more important things I learned from the coaching staff while playing at The University of West Alabama is how to stay positive through adversity and control what you can control.

Q: What was your major and what are your plans if football doesn’t work out?

A: I received my Bachelors in Exercise Science, and my Masters in Sports Management. I plan to become a Head Football Coach and Athletic Director one day.

Q: What would your current/past teammates say about you and your qualities?

A: My current/past teammates would say that I was the go-to guy throughout my career and that I was reliable. They would also say that I was a leader and one that they could always look to in any situation.

Q: What has been one of the most memorable plays of your career at any level?

A: One of the most memorable plays of my career was a touchdown catch against West Florida. Harry Satterwhite (QB) threw the ball down the sideline; I caught it over the defender and dove for the endzone.

Q: What has been your biggest challenge and how do you manage it?

A: My biggest challenge is coming from a small high school followed by a small university, but I have always worked hard to be the best I can be. In return I’ve been successful and have gone against big school guys or D1 transfers and have always had a lot of success.

Q: Who was the best player you played against during your collegiate career?

A: The best player I played against during my collegiate career would be Kyle Dugger (Lenoir Rhyne) who now plays for the New England Patriots.

Q: If you could compare yourself to a pro athlete, who would that be and why?

A: If I could compare myself to a pro athlete it would be Cooper Kupp. I would compare myself to him because he always finds a way to be open. We are not just one dimensional receivers, and team players. We have multiple ways to beat man coverage, and we can find the zones. Great Hands and great ball skills.

Q: What is your biggest strength that you bring to a professional team and why should pro scouts consider you?

A: The biggest strength that I would bring to a professional team and why pro scouts should consider me is that I am versatile, coachable, and dependable. I can play inside and outside receiver for matchup purposes and I have great hands.

Q: Are you involved in mentoring, a charity or do you “give back” or “pay it forward” in your community?

A: I am. I have been fortunate enough to be able to speak to local churches in my community and was able to speak at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes basketball banquet for the county schools.


Q: What do you enjoy doing when not playing football?

A: When I am not playing football, I love spending time with my family and my dog. I also love playing golf with friends.


Q: If you could make a positive impact on all of society what would it be and why?

A: If I could make a positive impact on all of society it would be to start and build a program where all children, especially special needs children, can participate in sport activities and would help bring families together.


Q: Who is or has been the most influential person in your life?

A: Jesus is the most influential person in my life as well as in my family’s life.

Q: What is something unique about you that people would find interesting?

A: Something unique about me that people would find interesting is that I have a big heart, and I care about all the people that fall into my circle (teammates, friends, family).


Q: If you had the opportunity to play another sport professionally, what sport would you choose?

A: If I had the opportunity to play another sport professionally, I would choose Baseball or Golf. I have always been good at baseball and believe that I can still play right now. I also would choose golf because it is more of a competition between yourself, and you can play for a long time.


Q: What is your dream job?

A: Athletic Director

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