National Scouting Combine Featured Athlete Tre’Sean Artis, DB from New Mexico military institute

Tre’Sean Artis | New Mexico Military Institute | DB 

Twitter: @Treartis88 | Instagram: @Royalflyness88

Q- process like

A:  I only played junior college, but I was looked at by multiple schools and ended up signing to Adam state, however my grades didn’t make it. I then signed to Texas Wesleyan where I still couldn’t play, so to avoid losing any more years I ended signing with the Wyoming mustangs who signed me in the middle of the season.

Q did I play college

A: I played for Los Angeles Harbor and New military institute which had some good and bad moments , however I was able to learn from 2 totally different styles of coaching which I believed help me grow a lot.

Q BIGGEST accomplishment

A: My biggest accomplishment is getting here and being able to at least have this moment to show what I’m able do.


A: One of the biggest things I learned was how to watch film. Once you start seeing formation and learning what people’s tendencies are it really slows the game down if you truly trust what you know.


A- They would say that when I play, I play fast and confident. I’m constantly wanting to do things at full speed, and I know doubt can sometimes slow any process down.

Q most memorable play

A- I was at Los Angeles Harbor junior college, and I came into the game with my head on fire. The first play I lined up against the WR and I told him “You are running a stop route” he ended up running a 3yard stop and I got my hands on it but couldn’t fully get it. I told him “Next pass if they throw to this side, I’m taking it home.” The next pass they tried to run a 10-yard comeback; but as soon as he broke down, I knew what he was running so I took my steps, got the interception, and took it to the house!

Q: biggest challenge

A-Being able to stay in the eyes of real recruiting; because of the path I took its harder for people to look in my direction. I live for the process, and understanding things aren’t going to be handed to me makes me enjoy every experience on the way to success a lot more.

Q-best player I played against

A: The best player I’ve played against was Samaje Perine in high school. I say Samaje because you must tackle to play football. Samaje made sure if you are going to get in the game you are going to have to tackle, which changed the way I felt about the game. It wasn’t just tackling I was trying to take him off his feet if I had a chance.

Q which Athlete am I like?

A- I am a mix between Israel Adesanya and Tyrann Mathieu. I say Izzy because I’m big on precision especially being a DB making sure my feet, hands, and body are all in tune. I also say Honey Badger because my raw emotions for the game drives me to play with controlled chaos.

Q-why pick me

A – consistency and ability to adapt and flourish in any setting.

Q- what do I do for the community

A – I’m working on being able to give back the best way I can by adding technology to clothes so people can communicate in new ways.

Q- enjoy outside of football

A – Spending time with my family because when I get into football mode my blood start boiling. Being with the family allows me enjoy life around football.

Q- if I could make a positive impact in the world

A – I would give the people in the world many different ways to be seen, and give them the outlet to show the world what they want the world to see.

Q-unique about Me

A – I’m a pretty good cook.

Q- another sport

A-If would play a different sport it would be basketball or boxing

Q- dream job


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