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Why was ALL22 developed?

The driving force that became ALL22 was discovered while working between North America and the countless other global football organizations for the last decade. Global organizations have the same problem of un-verified data and the lack of centralized information which invariably led to difficult and less accurate decision making. A solution was needed for this problem, and this problem is not just ours, but of many other evaluators and players in this evolving industry currently. The All22 platform solves the problem of un-vetted data by being powered by The Global Scouting Network of more than 85 trained professional scouts in over 70 countries. This service is for all players and teams at all levels to have the proper tools in their belt that connects them in every way.


What is All22?

All22 is an online web platform that connects American Football teams, scouts and players worldwide. The platform combines modern technology with a trusted source of verified data through the Global Scouting Network of 60+ scouts located in 6 continents, covering 70+ countries globally. By providing accurate data across international borders, ALL22 will play a direct role in expansion of the game of football worldwide.


How is the Global Scouting Network constructed?  How qualified are your scouts?

GSN has the largest global network of over 60 scouts in 6 different continents all compiling trusted data that is always vetted and assured by verified scouts and sources. All of this is collected and vetted, then presented and distributed on our website. All testing, measurements and background information is verified by our certified All22 scouts that are under their direction of NFL/CFL professionals.

The Global Scouting Network is headed by Brett Morgan who has amassed 13 years of professional, firsthand experience coaching and scouting for likes of the Canadian Football League (CFL), Internationally and in the U.S. Serving as a Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Scout and General Manager. Coach Morgan also has aided in the assembly and coordination of NFL camps and showcases.


How can All22 improve my career as a player?

All22 gives you the tools to establish improve your game and most importantly, find the right fit for your unique skillset. Our main purpose is to connect prospects with teams in North America, and to every football organization worldwide. We will provide you with the proper reports, guidance, and feedback to get your game to the next level.


Can any player join All22?

Any global American Football player over 18 years old can claim their profile on All22.  There are 15,000 draft eligible players each year but only roughly 400 make the NFL.  Our goal is to provide all 15,000 players with a chance to keep playing the game they love while continuing to work toward the dream of making the NFL.


How can I connect with international teams to explore new opportunities?

While there is no minor league or “G-League” for football right now, there are plenty of pro leagues that would be ecstatic to have access to the talent we have here in the US.  ALL22 provides football teams here in the US and all over the world access to your physical testing, psychological and biographical information so they can feel more confident that you are the right fit for their team.  You have spent countless hours honing your craft, let us make sure everyone has the chance to notice.  Once noticed, teams will be able to contact you directly, or through the All22 platform.


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