National Scouting Combine Features Zach Hibdon, President/CEO of AthELITE Strong, LLC

Zach Hibdon | AthELITE Strong, LLC | President/CEO 

Twitter: @athelitestrong | Instagram: @athelitestrong

Q: Tell us about your sports career and how you came to the position you are currently in with AthELITE Strong LLC (AthELITE Scouting)

A:  I started my Sports Career coaching College Football for years where i coached at the JUCO, NAIA and D2 levels.  In 2012 I accepted the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach position with the Kansas City Command in the AFL.  After the Command ceased operations i took the Head Strength Coach job with the Kansas City Renegades in the CPIFL.  Around this time is when AthELITE was first created as AthELITE Performance and I trained primarily HS and College Athletes.  in 2016 AthELITE Scouting was created and we started finding players for Indoor teams we had connections with.  In 2018 we began Partnering with teams in the IFL and CIF to become their official Scouting Partner and we act as an extension of their scouting dept.  in 3 seasons (2018, 2019 and 2021) and spread between 3 leagues (IFL, CIF and the now AFA) we have helped build 5 championship teams and a total of 7 Championship game appearances.   AthELITE Strong LLC will have 2 Departments, AthELITE Scouting and AthELITE Recruit.  AthELITE Scouting is our Professional Football Scouting Dept. 


Q: Did you compete in college or professionally, and if so, who did you play for? What was your experience like?

A:  I played College Football at a small NAIA School.  After College i played in the Victory Sports Network’s NAIA Senior All Star game where I began to get interest from a new league starting up the AAFL.  i was invited and attended an AAFL Tryout in Knoxville TN and was later drafted into the league before it shut down 2 weeks before training camp.  


Q: What would you consider to be your biggest accomplishment in your sports/professional career?



Q: What do you consider to be one of the more important things you learned throughout Athelite developments?

A:  Always be honest, professional, coachable and willing to evolve. 


Q: What has been your biggest challenge and how do you manage it?

A:  Keeping up with the flooding messages across all social media platforms and also texts/emails from players interested in our teams.  I manage the best i possibly can.


Q: Can you share how sports teams and organizations benefit from using Athelite Scouting data to identify and improve their rosters?

A:  They benefit because even when they are not looking for players we continue to send them players to keep on hand in case an injury happens or in case we find someone better than they currently have.  We work year round identifying prospective players for our teams.


Q: What are some of the ways the Indoor Football Teams benefit from being a Athelite Scouting client?

A:  Teams we are partnered with benefit because they can ask us for a very specific type of player they are looking for and we will go out and find it for them.  Since our Clients are our teams we are not bound by Player Management terms so we seek out exactly what they are looking for.  This is extremely beneficial during the season when injuries happen and they only have 1 or 2 days to find what they need to fill the spot.  


Q: What is on the horizon for Athelite Scouting in 2022?

A:   We are in the process of having our App completed in development, hopefully i can share more info on that very soon.


Q: How many sports organizations use and benefit from Athelite Scouting?

A:  Going in to 2022 we currently have 4 teams we are currently partnered with and hoping to lock down 1 more team.  Our Current teams are the Green Bay Blizzard, Omaha Beef, Salina Liberty and West Texas Warbirds.


Q: What levels does Athelite Scouting work with?

A:  Currently just Indoor Football, this will be changing very soon. 


Q: What encouraged Athelite Scouting to attend and scout the National Scouting Combine?

A:  I have signed numerous players over the years to our teams that have attended the BSN NSC.  I have a great deal of respect for what Jimmy has built and finally the timing worked out where i can make it out there and see the combine testing in person. 


Q: What is something unique about your organization that people would find fascinating?

A:   3 seasons in a row both teams playing in the CIF Champions Bowl have been teams we were partnered with, and YES we are working hard to make it the 4th season straight with both teams in the Championship game being our partners. 

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