The Beyond Sports Network National Scouting Combine has now come and gone. With many young men putting their physical and mental talents on display for professional scouts as they look to earn a chance at the next level. Each of these athletes have an interesting story to tell and for some, like Stacey Fogg, the path getting here was unconventional but one that has molded a truly intriguing football prospect. A young man who has faced adversity and has learned and grown into a man and player any organization would be fortunate to get a look at.

 Stacey Fogg, 23 years old, is from Raleigh, North Carolina where he began playing football at the age of 12. The first position he ever played was Defensive end a position he played this while attending Enloe High School where he excelled as a defensive playmaker. The best moment he could recall from his time at Enloe High School was when his team made the playoffs his senior year. This was a time that clearly Fogg was not going to forget and a great experience for him overall. Thus Fogg’s start to his football career certainly had its good moments. Fogg though has faced much adversity in his journey as well. With the experiences he had while trying to persevere the obstacles placed in his path during his early career certainly helping  turn him into the quality player and individual he is today.

          The first major obstacle he faced during his football career came during his time looking to get into college. This was as Fogg depicted how he was accepted to Jiteh Prep and getting ready to attend. He described it as, “an all football school”, out in Matthew, North Carolina though he could not attend this school because of money issues that persisted. So the full college experience in terms of football, as well as, a young person was halted because of an unfortunate lack of luxuries. Fogg did turn this unfortunate event into positive, through gaining some key experience in a professional football league. The name of this league was Rivals Professional Football League (RPFL), and during his time in this league he ended up playing against players who went on to get chances in the NFL. Fogg stated,” I’ve played against Julius Pruitt who used to be a member of the Miami Dolphins and Robert Sandz who used to be a member of the Bengals.” He said he played with and against a number of other former CFL players as well. Fogg as I found out also gained much significant experience he has taken and put to use in his football career.

“The experience taught me that just because I didn’t go to a Big D1 college doesn’t mean I don’t have the ability to compete at the next level.”

          Fogg said,” the experience taught me that just because I didn’t go to a Big D1 college doesn’t mean I don’t have the ability to compete at the next level. Thus Fogg gained importance confidence in himself to be able to excel at the NFL level. He also stated,” I loved every minute of proving my abilities to former guys who had already made it.” Thus he took this as an opportunity to consistently prove himself as a young player to the veterans who have advanced to the highest level of competition. I then inquired about his opinion on his unusual route during this time in his football career. Asking about his views on the experience of not playing D1 football, while also asking if there are or were benefits to the non-D1 football experience. He stated,” I have gained somewhat from this path, but trust me it’s a lot harder but it is worth it, you still get all the practice ad learning you need.” Fogg continued,” you just don’t have the schoolwork involved though, and if I could go back in time with the mindset now I would definitely would have took the college route but life happens and we have to learn from our mistakes.” Fogg concluded with how he still appreciates the route he took because of how it has helped him grow as a man overall.

          We then got into the individual description of himself as a player as well as what he expected to get out of the Beyond Sports Network National Scouting Combine he took part in. Beginning with his individual description as a player he currently profiles at the positions of linebacker and defensive back. He describes his best skill at these positions as his ability to react to whatever play is happening. He did reference the main part of his game he wants to work on to be able to take his game to the next level. He stated,” I would have to say coverage skills needs to improve, because I am more of a run stopper type of Linebacker.” Thus he clearly understands his advantages and limitations as a player and is looking to continue to improve.

          Transitioning to his goals he wanted to accomplish at the BSN National Scouting Combine there were several of them and a lot of boxes he wanted to check. Fogg, stated,” I plan on giving it my all and hopefully there will be scouts there to give me a chance with pads on and then I can really show them who I am.” Fogg spoke highly of what he heard about the Combine as well and the reputation it had built. Stating,” I’ve heard nothing but great things about the BSN National Combine, so I am sure they can help me further my career just by the platform they’re providing me.” He then finished by speaking on his message to NFL and other professional football scouts and higher ups. Fogg depicted,” I would tell a Gm that I could really be an asset to your organization I’m still young and have to grow and learn.” Continuing,” I’m a teachable player I’ve played all types of positions so I’m open to anything but my heart will forever be on the defensive side.” Thus ultimately Fogg would be happy to have anyone show interest in him as well as be open do whatever it took to help the team who picks him with whatever they need.

          In the end Fogg states,” all I need is just one opportunity and I promise they would not regret it. Give me one chance in your organization with some actual pads and I’ll show you why I am worth the chance.” He clearly wants to play at the next level being the NFL and as he told me works and prays for a chance every day. Thus Stacey Fogg is a young man who certainly took a far different path toward the cusp of an NFL opportunity. Though with the hard work he had put in plus a quality Combine performance he has certainly made a name for himself and now awaits his chance to prove himself among the top football players in the world.