Quick Stats

Name: Calvin Bryant
College: Charleston Southern University
Years Played: 2010-2013
Major: Kinesiology
Highlight film link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICy5hkOrb90

About Calvin

What was the most important thing you learned during your career? The most important thing I have learned during my career is that it is a privilege to play football. Do not take any play for granted because you never know when it will be your last. Also, I learned about self-discipline, learning that you are held accountable for your actions and not being that guy that cost it for the rest of the team.

What qualities do you possess that makes you a candidate for a professional contract? The qualities that I possess that makes me a candidate for a professional contract are that I am a hard-worker, trustworthy, self-disciplined, a professional on and off the field, a vocal leader and lead by actions, too. I am very attentive to detail and pride myself on being the best person and football player I can be.

What motivates you on and off the field? The motivation I get on the field is being around a group of guys who are all trying to attain the same goal: to win! Also, the doubters and critics motivate me a lot because they light of fire inside to prove them wrong. The death of my former High School teammate Phillip Jackson motivates me on the field because I wanted to keep his legacy going, that is why I wore #6 in college as a constant reminder that I am here for a reason and to never take it for granted. The motivation I get off the field is from my pride and joy, my mother Sonya Clark. I come from a single-parent household and grew up in a tough environment. My mother sacrificed a lot working two jobs so that I can have the things she never had and the opportunities that she never had the chance of having such as going to college and getting an education while doing something I love to which is playing football. I appreciate and cherish everything she has done for me. I would not be the man today if it was not for my mother.

What was your major and why did you choose to study that field? My major was Kinesiology. I chose this field because it deals with sports. I love to help people rehab or improve their physical abilities. The major keeps me around the world of sports. I am all about helping people to stay healthy.

What is your routine like as you pursue a professional opportunity? The routine I have as I pursue a professional opportunity is waking up at 8 a.m. to eat breakfast, and then get a nice stretch in. I head to the training facility called Godspeed Elite Sports Performance. I lift and run for roughly 2 hours or 2 ½ hours. I stretch at the end and then head on home to eat, shower up, and get ready for work. After I get off work, I go back to the gym and do my night work out for 1 ½ hours. I come home stretch, eat, shower up and go to bed. The next day I do it all over again.

What is or some challenges you faced in your career and how did you overcome? Some challenges I faced in my career are being told I was too short or not big enough to play Linebacker at a D-1 level and being told last year that my college was going to have a pro day, but come the day of it, no one shows up. I overcame the critics telling I was too short or not big enough by working hard every day on the field to make sure that I prove them wrong, to earn my respect and let them know that I can play at a high level. Nobody coming to my pro day really broke me because nobody had an explanation for why the regional scout did not show up. Basically, I was on my own, but I did not get discouraged. I started training for another opportunity to showcase my talent. Faith and determination helped me to stay motivated and keep my dream alive of playing football professionally.

What or who is your inspiration? How did you come to that conclusion? My tough upbringing is my inspiration. I came to that conclusion because growing up rough made me appreciate life more and value every second I have on Earth because it can be taken from you in an instance. My tough upbringing made me appreciate football more because football it gave me a chance to free my mind from all the things going on outside the lines.

What are some of the contributions you made to your previous programs? What about local community? Some of the contributions I have made to my college are being a tutor for some of my teammates, speaking about my life to my teammates as motivation to do better as a human being, and help starting a winning football tradition at the school. Some of the contributions I have made to the local community are speaking in front of numerous elementary, middle, and high schools and help clean up communities filled with poverty.

What is your best asset as an athlete and why will it make you successful at the next level? My best asset as an athlete is I am a student of the game. I study a lot, stay in the film room, and I am very attentive to detail. This asset will make it successful at the next level because I will be able to be the coach’s eyes out there on the field. The coaches will know that they can rely on me to get things right. Along with the athletic ability, the knowledge of the game and attention to detail will make a athletic player such as myself an even better football player.

What are your plans for a post football career? My plan for a post football career is to go to graduate school to study occupational therapy and in the future become a certified OT.

What is your fondest memory playing football? My fondest memory playing football is my senior year in college which was 2013 when I had 17.5 tackles against the Citadel and was name Co-National Defensive Player of the Week, being team captain and overall vocal leader of the team, leading the team to its first 10 win season going 10-3. Also, being selected 1st Team Big South All-Conference and ended up no. 22 in the FCS Top-25 polls. 2013 was a memorable season all-around and capped off my last year of college football.