Quick Stats

nance2Name: Nash Nance
College: Hampden Sydney/ Tennessee
Years Played: 3 Years
Major: Economic/Business
Senior Highlights:

Junior Highlights:

About Nash

What was the most important thing you learned during your career?
Hard work yields superior results. From the time I was at Tennessee to my time at Hampden Sydney, no one out worked me. All of the hours and days of hard work paid off and was the reason of my success at Hampden Sydney as a Quarterback.

What qualities do you possess that makes you a candidate for a professional contract?
I am a winner. I lead by example on and off the field. I represent the team I play for with pride, and will come ready to work every single day.

What motivates you on and off the field?
Winning. I want to the best on the field, and lead a team of men to victory every time I suit up. What motivates me most are my teammates and the responsibility I have to them every single play.

What was your major and why did you choose to study that field?
Business Finance. I chose this field because of my desire to be successful. This degree will open up many different opportunities for me in the business world. Having a solid background in economic markets gives me a strong opportunity to be successful in the business world because I can go into business for myself.

What is your routine like as you pursue a professional opportunity?
A normal day starts around 7:00 am. I make breakfast for myself and my roommates. Next I have my morning classes from 8:30am-12:30pm followed up by lunch, then my mid day workout and speed training session from 2:00pm to 5:00pm (Three times a week I throw with the receivers) After that I cook dinner and then go to the library to take care of any homework or papers I have due. Finally I go to bed, and wake up the next day to do it again!

What is or are some challenges you faced in your career and how did you overcome them?
One of the hardest decisions I faced in college was when I decided to transfer from The University of Tennessee. I wanted to go to either Harvard or Yale. I was very confident I would be able to get in to the schools, given that I was a Two Time All Academic SEC at Tennessee. After I found out it would not work out, I looked at LeHigh and Holy Cross. The last visit I took was to Hampden Sydney. It was a very prestigious academic institution, with a successful football program that loved to throw the ball around. After praying about it and weighing my options, I chose to go to Hampden Sydney and work harder than I ever had before. I was a Two Time All American, Three Time All Conference, won the Player of the Year Award for Division Three South, and also won the Lanier Award that goes to the best player in Virginia for NAIA, D2, and D3.

What or who is your inspiration. How did you come to that conclusion?
My inspiration relies a lot on my father. He and my grandfather both have taught me how to be successful and navigate through life. They taught me that opportunities are rare, but when presented they must be seized. You have to make the most with what you have, and rely on yourself to get the job done. My dad and granddad taught me that hard work pays off. They both have become successful entrepreneur’s who started from basically nothing. I have done the same with football.

What are some of the contributions you made to your previous program? What about the local community?
At Tennessee I volunteered to the local hospital to visit less fortunate kids. Kids that were either in ICU or in a cancer unit made me appreciate life. Giving back to the community has always been something I have done since high school. Every year our football team at Hampden Sydney participates in a community service project to clean up and fix any places in our community that need help. Giving back is one of the most rewarding things you can do for your community.

What is your best asset as an athlete and why will it make you successful at the next level?
My intelligence and perseverance- I want to be the smartest player on the field and a student of the game. You can never be smart enough as a Quarterback. You have to know what every position is responsible for every play. In doing so, I know I will be successful because of my work ethic. There will not be a single player that will put more hours and hard work in on the team than me.

What are your plans for a post football career?
After football, I want to go to Harvard or Wharton and attain my MBA. I want to work for a financial firm and start my own business. I want to create a new business idea that will better our use of transportation and technology, making a cost effective economy to travel in.

11. What is your fondest memory playing football?
My sophomore year of high school our starting senior quarterback was injured. There were two minutes left and we had the ball on our own 20-yard line. After three long pass plays we were in their territory. My adrenaline was through the roof, and my heart was racing. I was about to have a game winning drive. The next play I was sacked backside on a two linebacker stunt that we didn’t pick up. The game was over, and I remember feeling what it was like to lose for the first time. I never wanted to have that feeling again.

Career Stats

Transferred from the University of Tennessee after my red shirt freshmen year.

Junior Year Stat & Accolades

• National Offensive Player of the Year in D3
• 1st Team All Conference (2 Years in a Row)
• All Academic (2 Years in a Row)
• 3504 Passing Yards (6th Nationally)
• 27 Passing Touchdowns
• 709 Rushing Yards
• 17 Rushing Touchdowns
• 4049 Yards of Total Offense (1st in Total Yards Nationally)
• All American

Senior Year Stat and Accolades

• The Lanier Award (CommonWealth of Virginia DII,DII,NAIA,USCAA National Player of the Year)
• 2967 Passing Yards
• 29 Passing Touchdowns
• 9 Rushing Touchdowns
• 3369 Yards in Total Offense
• All Conference (3 Years in a Row)
• All Academic (3 Years in a Row)
• Conference Champions (2 Years in a Row)
• NFF National Scholar Athlete