Quick Stats

Name: Olatunji Idowu
College: University at Albany
Years: 2010-2015
Major: Accounting
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About Olatunji

What was the most important thing you learned during your career? Consistency is key; it is not about what you can do once in a while. It is about what your coaches and teammates can count on you to do all the time.

What qualities do you possess that makes you a candidate for a professional contract? I am a hard worker, I am consistent in my play, I understand the business side of sports. I have gotten year each year of football and I am very versatile.

What motivates you on and off the field? Getting a better life for my family and catching a dream I have been chasing for 10 years.

What was your major and why did you choose to study that field? Accounting, I had OCD as a kid growing up and that helped me to be very good with numbers. As I got older I discovered how naturally good I was at accounting.

What is your routine like as you pursue a professional opportunity? I currently train 9-4 everyday except Sundays at test football in New Jersey. Footwork, Speed work, Strength and flexibility are my main focus.

What is or are some challenges you faced in your career and how did you overcome them? Having to balance a real major like accounting and football was tough. College also throws a lot of distractions at you that you have to avoid.

What or who is your inspiration. How did you come to that conclusion? Troy polamalu. His style of play is very physical and he is a versatile guy. He also keeps a clean profile off the field. Troy has also been very consistent throughout his career.

What are some of the contributions you made to your previous program? What about the local community? I helped lead a lot of the community service events around my campus and with my team. I was also the captain of my team.

What is your best asset as an athlete and why will it make you successful at the next level? I have very good instincts and I am like an additional coach out there. I made the defensive calls for my team in college.

What are your plans for a post football career? I will work somewhere I can give back to kids and help them because I was helped a lot by the boys and girls club. I want to be able to give back in that sort of way.