Quick Stats

Name: Sharon Irwin
College: Newberry College
Years: 2013-2015
Major: Communications
Highlight film link: http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2393927/sharon-irwin

About Sharon

What was the most important thing you learned during your career?
I’ve learned that you will never be as good as you can be, if you are content with how you good you are. There is always room for improvement. I also learned that faith positivity and ALOT of hard work will conquer any doubt whether internally or externally. Hard work pays off.

What qualities do you possess that makes you a candidate for a professional contract?
Some Qualities I posse that makes me a candidate for a professional contract is my work ethic, my Heart and my competitiveness. I’m humble and self-motivated. I know it takes a lot to even be considered for a professional contract and I’m willing to do what it takes to get one and keep it. I’m my own biggest Critic. So Good usually isn’t Good enough.

What motivates you on and off the field?
My Family. I’m from a place where not a lot of people make the wrong choices in life. My family being part of that group. But I honestly just want to take care of them how they took care of me. They didn’t have much but always was able to give me everything I asked for and I just want to return the favor. Especially for my Mother who is everything to me. Watching them struggle just gives me the fire to give all of me in anything I do.

What is or are some challenges you faced in your career and how did you overcome them?
Some challenges I had to overcome was just being more mentally tough. I had to realize that college wasn’t high school anymore. Especially being at a junior college for my first 2 years. Everyone there is trying to get noticed so everyone is going hard all the time. So you cant be stagnant. Must go hard all the time and go harder then the hardest. I had to step it up a level.

What or who is your inspiration. How did you come to that conclusion?
My Mother is my inspiration. I call her my superwoman because no matter what she always comes through. Shes was always there for me no matter the situation. No matter how good or how bad she was always there by my side. Any question I had growing up she was able to answer. Anything I asked for she was able to get it. She can make anything happen. My mother is my Life and I just want to give her everything she desires.

What is your best asset as an athlete and why will it make you successful at the next level?
My best assets as an athlete that will make me successful on the next level are my Heart and work ethic. Nothing in my life was ever giving to me. I started at the bottom of every depth chart whether high school, juco or college and worked my way to start and eventually to receive accolades in each level. I just look at it like “ok they’re underestimating me so I have to step it up go harder and prove myself.” I have no problem working and going to get what I want and I never shy away from completion or what is going to help get me better.

What are your plans for a post football career?
I want to coach and also want to keep giving back. I’m actually trying to start my on charity or foundation that will help those less fortunate or anybody that’s in need of a helping hand. I’ve learned growing up just because people look like they’re doing ok doesn’t mean they actually are. I want to work with people hands on helping them get through hard times whether mentally or physically.

What is your fondest memory playing football?
My Fondest Memory would definitely have to be in Curtis High School and winning the 2009-2010 PSAL NYC Championship. Playing alongside Dominique Easly of The New England Patriots was epic. We took our team on a 12-3 Record. I would never forget the feeling of finally being on top. Isn’t nothing like winning a championship and I’m ready to get that feeling back.