Jamal Ware Scouting Report

Report written by Jeremiah Wait 

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2021 National Scouting Combine Player Comparison: DB Sterling Lowry

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Combine Number

Prospect Name
Ware, Jamal

Pro Position(s)

Scout Name
Anthony Schumann

Maryville College, TN

2020 NFL Draft

Tapes Viewed: Maryville vs Huntingdon 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSiIl5qSy4I
Maryville vs Averett 2019: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uigwqwnniXQ

Best: Physicality at the point of attack/acceleration through tackles, high motor with great pursuit to ball, Ability to shed blocks, Versatility to play in box and out of box, competitiveness to come up in run game and have chase down tackles, his pure speed and athletic ability, very instinctual/plays with good eyes, good understanding of zone coverage and reading QB/coming off when other receiving threat comes into zone.
Worst: Played against weaker competition, undersized to be an every down outside linebacker at the next level, Doesn’t show ability to play man coverage and cover guys downfield, Can get sloppy with technique/doesn’t use hands on blocks/takes bad angles, gets caught staring in backfield on passes, Lacks takeaways.

Projection: Backup/Depth guy because of his versatility and ability to be a great special teams’ player. SS/Nickle/Box Safety who plays around the line a scrimmage. His best scheme fit is a team who plays a heavy amount of zone schemes. He would fit best as a SS in a Fire Zone scheme coming down and playing a lot of the flats and hook/curl zone. Needs to be in an aggressive defense where he can be used in multiple positions.

One-Liner: Jamal Ware is a highly competitive, athletic, and versatile football player. He played OLB in college but see him best fit as SS/Box Safety at the next level. Best utilized in a heavy zone scheme that walks a safety up and uses them near the box. A scheme that he can be heavily used to help in the run game. Needs to be able to play fast and use his versatility with his ability to play against the run and cover underneath in a zone.


A 4-year contributor to Maryville College where he played most of his snaps at OLB and special teams. I did not find any injury history as he had good statistical production as he played in 37 of 40 games in his college career. In college playing OLB in his defensive scheme, he was mostly responsible for coming up and setting the edge in runs and dropping off and playing the flats in Cover 2 on passes. Didn’t see much film of him having to man up on a slot WR or TE and carry them downfield. Undersized as an OLB at the next level but does have good size for a SS/Nickle/Dime Safety at the next level. Needs to be in a heavy zone scheme where he can roll down in the box and be able to play run and then hook/curl/flats on passing downs. Has long arms and great athletic ability, his numbers from his testing where great and that shows on film. Has a good frame for box safety. Great combination of speed, acceleration, and explosiveness. This stands out on tape and pairs very nice with his natural football instincts. Plays downhill and with a great motor. A good amount of his tackles come from pursuing the ball and chase down tackles in the backfield. Explodes and runs feet as an aggressive tackler. Not afraid of contact, puts shoulder on ball/not an ankle tackler. Can get sloppy with technique, got away with his athletic ability and instincts at D3 level, will get in bad position with pursuit angels and his lack of use with hands on block shedding, this will get exposed vs better competition. Has great range within the box/great speed sideline to sideline. Shows good ability to transition quickly from run to pass, pass to run. Zone safety at the next level where he covers flats/box area. Good eyes in zone, ability to read QB and come off the guy he’s covering as new threats enter his zone. Shows good break on underneath routes with pass breakups and ability to tackle in space. Doesn’t show great ability to play man coverage past the box and downfield just because of lack of experience. Has athletic ability and size to be able to cover TE’s and RB’s man to man if needed be, would need to work on technique with lack of experience of doing that in college. At the next level, is SS /Box Safety that provides good versatility and depth with his great athletic ability, physical toughness, and ability to play a couple positions depending on the scheme. His best fit scheme is where he can play a lot of underneath zone coverage and roll up into the box and play downhill/off edge in run game. Lacks weight/frame to be a three down true outside linebacker but on passing downs could rotate in there as well. With his great speed, tackling skills, and high motor I see him being a special teams weapon that can keep a job for a long time because of it. Lacks the overall experience and ability to cover man downfield to be a true cover safety, that’s why scheme fit is important for this player.

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Ron Miller

Sports Agent, Sports Management Worldwide