Kyle Haines Scouting Report

Report written by Jeremiah Wait 

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Combine Number

Prospect Name
Haines, Kyle

Pro Position(s)

Scout Name
Jeremiah Wait

Shippensburg University
2020 NFL Draft
Best: Body control on sideline catches, football speed, contested catches, physicality/strength with ball in his hands

Worst: Ability to make people miss, limited route tree, getting in/out of breaks, quickness, level of competition, level of competition

Projection: He won’t be drafted, but after his strong showing at the National Scouting Combine, he deserves an opportunity for a tryout at some professional level. He’s at his best when he’s in a system that uses him as an X or Z and allows him to use his “football speed” to create separation on vertical type routes. Shows a good ability in being able to go up and catch the ball at it’s highest point, makes up for average height with good vertical. His route tree is very limited, no routes really ran to showcase lateral quickness and/or ability to get in and out of breaks. His numbers at the combine shows that he has good quickness, but his film didn’t replicate the quickness on the few intermediate routes that he ran on his film, as he seemed very stiff. This is a huge concern with intermediate routes, because it makes him into a one-dimensional WR only.

One-Liner: Kyle Haines is a “gamer” at WR who would be best utilized in an offensive system that allows him to play at X or Z and relies on him to create separation on vertical based routes/routes that go across the field to use his speed, but also allow him an opportunity to work on his short/immediate route running so he can capitalize off of his physicality and sure hands.


Kyle Haines plays WR and played all four seasons at Shippensburg University. He has a great body build for WR and is put together really well. He has really good “football speed,” which makes his 40 time at the combine even more impressive, because from his film, it seems to take him a while to get going. However, he does have sneaky good acceleration, just watch him get off of the LOS. When he’s able to get himself at full speed, good luck staying with him or trying to tackle him. He does a really good job on his vertical routes in using his speed, but also shows the ability to use his hands at the top of these routes to create that added separation. I struggled to come up with a word to describe him, but I really think he’s a “gamer.” He just goes out there and plays at 110%, whether he’s in the slot or on the outside. For the few times that he was in the slot, showcased the ability on the bubble routes to get himself going up the field and physicality to gain positive yards. His twitch isn’t the greatest, as his game isn’t moving laterally and being shifty, but get him moving forward will produce successful results. If the football is in his area, he’s going to catch the ball, and shows a good ability in being able to make contested catches. Besides his speed, he relies on his strength at the WR position, and this is very evident with his YAC, as he’s able to break tackles, and is always falling forward for that extra yard. You can also see his physicality when he was challenged at the LOS, in those few instances, he just bullied the CB and had his way with them. At the next level, he will face a lot more press-man and physical corners, so it will be interesting to see how he reacts, because just his strength isn’t going to cut it, as he’s going to need to show that he’s capable of using his hands at the LOS to create separation. I think the most underrated part of his game is his awareness/ability to understand where he is in comparison to the sideline on back-shoulder throws. Showed great ability in being able to catch these contested throws. However, he needs to do a better job of stacking the WR and not make it as obvious that it’s going to be a back shoulder throw. Just from his highlight film, I don’t think he was utilized enough in the middle of the field, seemed to have a good feel of where to sit against zone coverages, and with his sure hands

and great build, has the body to be able to handle the hits he will take across the middle. He also had a really good connection with his QB in college, and had a good feel of when the play were breaking down and being able to get himself open during the scramble drill. Minimal blocking showed that he was just bigger/stronger than the CB he played against, so will have to evolve in being able to move his feet against quicker/stronger CBs and won’t be able to just rely on his strength. The issue with Haines is seeing how he gets off of the LOS against better CBs who are physical, since he almost always had a free release. With his limited route tree of only vertical type routes or crossing routes across the field, this is the biggest concern for me, because with the only intermediate route that he ran with a quick break (hitch route), his transition was really slow in being able to get turned around, and he seemed really stiff. Lastly, even with his sure hands, he showed tendency to have body catches with balls that were above his chest. Needs to do a better job of using his hands to grab the ball out of the air, especially when he’s running across the middle.

“I have been using Beyond Sports Network since its inception, and the event has grown impressively each year, both in size and quality. Getting in front of teams and performing in a professionally run event is a positive for both scouts and players alike. We love the event and have signed two players from BSN that became impact players for us. We look forward to continuing this trend in the future.” 

Ted Goveia

Assistant General Manager / Director of Player Personnel, Winnepeg Bluebombers