Luke Durkin Scouting Report

Report written by Jeremiah Wait 

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Combine Number

Prospect Name
Durkin, Luke

Pro Position(s)

Scout Name
Jeremiah Wait

Shippensburg University
2020 NFL Draft

Best: Play strength, physicality, ability to finish, toughness, pull blocking, special team

Projection: Won’t be drafted, but he warrants a training camp invite by some team, especially with his solid combine numbers at the National Scouting Combine. Very successful when he’s moving downhill and can use his size, strength, and acceleration to take on blockers. Good in open space with blocking, keeps himself in control. Even though you shouldn’t expect him to outrun anyone, you can utilize him in the passing game

One-Liner: Luke Durkin is a very big and rangy FB who would be best utilized in a diversified offensive system that uses two-back systems a lot and allows him to line up in different spots, which would capitalize on his athleticism and strength in the running and passing game.

Luke Durkin was a four-year player at Shippensburg University, who didn’t really burst onto the scene until his senior season, where he exploded as a player. Primarily played as a RB/FB in a zone/gap running scheme that allowed him to use his good vision to find holes. Good run blocking ability in zone scheme
and finishes blocks. Good size, weight, height, thick frame, solid athletic ability, and adequate play speed. Won’t outrun anyone, but possesses ability to be decisive with his running and blocking. Good job of squaring pads upon contact and delivering the blow to LBs in the hole. Solid balance combined with a thicker lower body allows him to get extra yards and maintain his blocks. Was quite the finisher as a blocker in college, won’t most likely be able to finish blocks like he did in college, but balance, arm length, size, acceleration, and lower torso strength will allow him to move someone out of hole. Pass blocking is a concern, no film doing any, so ability to pick up rushing LB/DE is a concern when he’s not able to be moving forward. Natural pass catcher who excels when being able to track ball into his hands, doesn’t struggle with low balls. I think this is something that could really be capitalized on at the next level, especially if he lands with the right team that utilizes two-back systems. Lack of long speed/home run speed is evident on a couple of his long runs when he was getting caught up to from behind. Good ability to get defenders down on cut blocks, no ability shown on film for pass protection technique. Displays very good competitive toughness and play strength, isn’t afraid of contact and requires multiple defenders to bring him down when he carries the football. Good hand placement and doesn’t lose eyes when blocking in the hole with linebacker. Lateral agility limits his elusiveness, but has shown to have quicker feet than expected for someone his size. Demonstrates good play strength and competitive toughness. Solid finisher in open field against DBs/LBs. Contact balance seems good and shows ability to push piles or break through tackles when wrapped up against all defenders. Overall, he’s a very raw prospect who has a TON of potential as a FB in an offensive scheme that utilizes his hands, size, and play action to create confusion with their FBs. His size and strength would allow him to hold up in this league, and his toughness and physicality combined with his acceleration should allow him to hold his own against LBs in the running game, as well as in the passing game with routes. Only question is his ability to pass protect against LBs and pass rushers, but strong lower body and good size, quick feet, and physicality seem to have him primed for an opportunity. At the very minimum, he possesses the tangibles to be very successful in special teams.

“I have been using Beyond Sports Network since its inception, and the event has grown impressively each year, both in size and quality. Getting in front of teams and performing in a professionally run event is a positive for both scouts and players alike. We love the event and have signed two players from BSN that became impact players for us. We look forward to continuing this trend in the future.” 

Ted Goveia

Assistant General Manager / Director of Player Personnel, Winnepeg Bluebombers