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With the 2015 BSN National Scouting Combine right around the corner, I spoke to a few players and personnel who have been through the event. They shared their own personal experiences, as well as advice for this year’s newcomers.


“I think the biggest advice I could give anyone is just to stay loose and relaxed. Don’t tighten up or worry about the day. Trust your training and know that this is what you have been working for. It’s also not the end of your dreams if you don’t do well.” – Lorenzo Fouts, defensive back/Billings Wolves


“In 2010 I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Kibble. Through college, Jimmy was very helpful and informative from a mental aspect while I was struggling. After I graduated, he had let me know about the BSN Combine. This was my very first pro-combine and I was so excited to be a part of it. Throughout the whole day, the experience and opportunity was amazing. At the end, I had found out that I finished second- proving to be accurate on arena uprights. Thanks to Mr. Kibble and BSN, I have been able to earn workouts with several arena teams and push for an NFL/CFL/AFL opportunity. I have learned that EVERY person that you meet is important and you never know who they know. You never know who is watching. I owe it to Mr. Kibble and BSN for the success and drive that I have had and will continue to have throughout my career.” – Michael Georgetti – Kicker/Punter – MARION BLUE RACERS


“I always have a great time at the BSN combines. It’s great exposer and exciting. Gets your name out there more and put you in front of the right people.” – Josh Thiel
“The experience is amazing. If you ever watched the NFL combine, it feels like you’re on that very stage but you’re doing it for the CFL. You must relax and enjoy the opportunity. Go out and compete but enjoy yourself. You’ve trained hard you’ve played the game for years just to get to this point. Trust that you’ve done everything you needed to prepare for this day. Now all you have to do is put on a performance for the pros showing them why they need to sign you. And that’s the fun part.” – Cedeno Patrick, assistant head coach and defensive coordinator of the York Capitals


“The BSN combine is a visionary event that gives an audience and a pathway to potential professional talent that has previously been unrealized. Athletes get a venue and a rare opportunity to exhibit their talents in a competitive environment for professional scouts looking for hard working focused athletes. I would advise those invited to train hard and make the absolute most of this showcase.” – Derek Raynes, owner of A-Game Sports Performance/ MS, ATC, PES
“It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Every BSN person was there to help and make sure you had the best outing you ever had. I was able to go there and compete with some of the best competition around the country. I like to thank all of the BSN workers for putting me in the best spot to further my football career.

As for advice for guys new to the experience: don’t let anything stand in your way. If you have goal go accomplish it. If you have to take a small step to make a big step in the future, don’t knock the small step take it and let help you grow. Finally believe in yourself and in the end of it all IT’S JUST FOOTBALL. Go play and have fun.” – John Lavelle, offensive lineman- Lehigh Valley Steelhawks


“The BSN National Scouting Combine allowed me to be seen by multiple pro scouts. Having the opportunity to attend really helped me get noticed and sign a contract.” – Cam Bruffett, Cleveland Gladiators defensive back


“I had done a few CFL workouts prior and BSN was second to none. The opportunity to be in front of that many CFL teams is only possible through BSN. It was my “foot in the door” showcase and has allowed me to elevate my career to the CFL and I’m forever thankful.

My advice to first time participants is to find some added motivation in the fact that opportunities like the one they’ve been given come far and few. You need to put everything you’ve got into your performance. Let that one day be the result of all the cumulative work you’ve put in to become a pro.” – Brian Brikowski, defensive end for the Montreal Alouettes


“BSN was a great experience for me. it was my first combine I ever did and it truly helped me prepare for my pro day as well. Great exposure.” – Rob Smith, defensive tackle for the Billings Wolves


“It was amazing to see such a collection of determined young men get out and chase their dreams. The young men at the BSN National Scouting Combine compete hard. It’s a separation event and the guys who prepared have a great event.

New players- treat this as the biggest opportunity of your life. It’s about you and your athletic ability. Test well but don’t leave any doubt. Work to be #1 in every event and impress people in position drills. Take the coaching from the scouts. Above all else, enjoy the experience and don;t let it pass you bye.” -John Davis, assistant head football coach at Gallaudet University

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