Michael Allen | Bloomsburg University | WR

Twitter: @ASAPma5 | Instagram: @mja_vii

Q: Tell us about your college career and what the recruiting process was like. Why did you choose Bloomsburg University? 

A: I was a four-year starter at Bloomsburg University. I am a 4x All-Conference Wide Receiver and a 1x All-Conference Return Specialist in the 2019-2020 season. I was mainly recruited by D2 PSAC schools and was offered by multiple as well. What made me choose Bloomsburg University was the overall atmosphere of the school and the winning tradition of their football program. The coaching staff and current players at the time made me feel welcomed and comfortable. I was also looking for a school that had a good exercise science program, which Bloomsburg offered.

Q: What would you consider to be your biggest accomplishment in your sports career so far?

A: I would consider being a 4x starter and all-conference receiver at Bloomsburg University to be my biggest accomplishment. Each season new talent is added to the roster and your opponents are going to know who you are after playing you. I believe it’s important to work hard in the offseason and during the season to progress and get better each year. Being a starter you cannot get comfortable where you are. Someone is always trying to take your spot, so it’s important to raise the bar of your individual talent and how much you produce on the field.  

Q: What do you consider to be one of the more important things you learned from the coaching staff while playing at Bloomsburg University?

A: The coaching staff stressed how important it is to give your full focus on the current task at hand. Whether it was watching film, practicing, lifting weights, and even stretching we should be fully committed and focused during that time. Live in the moment and take advantage of playing the game we love. 

Q: What was your major and what are your plans if football doesn’t work out?

A: I majored in exercise science (Kinesiology). I am currently a part-time personal trainer/ strength and conditioning coach. After football, I plan on going back to school to get my master’s degree in exercise science.

Q: What would your current/past teammates say about you and your qualities?

A: My current/past teammates would say I am a very hardworking, ambitious and relentless student-athlete. I am someone who leads by example and is always there for my teammates whether they need help with something personal or football related. They would also say I am punctual and very responsible.

Q: What has been one of the most memorable plays of your career at any level?

A: One of the most memorable plays of my career was from the 2019-2020 season. It was the second game of the season against Edinboro University. There was 4:50 left in the fourth quarter down by a touchdown. I returned the punt for 65 yards to gain the lead and win the game.

Q: What has been your biggest challenge and how do you manage it?

A: I would say my biggest challenge has been trying to progress and improve my overall performance each season. There are a lot of factors that can hold someone from playing the game of football, whether it’s injuries or personal issues. I have never taken advantage of being able to play the game of football. It is always a blessing to be able to go out there and play the game we love.

Q: If you could compare yourself to a pro athlete, who would that be and why?

A: I would compare myself to Tyler Lockett. He is a receiver who runs his routes very well, gets separation to get open for the quarterback, can be very explosive in the return game, plays well against competitive opponents and understands the game of football.

Q: What is your biggest strength that you bring to a professional team and why should pro scouts consider you?

A: I’m a team player, relentless worker, and a good teammate who leads by example.

Q: How are you preparing for the 2020 National Scouting Combine and what are your goals?

A: I am currently training for the combine 5 days a week. This involves strength and conditioning as well as speed training and positional work. My goals are to perform very well at the combine and get the opportunity to sign with a team.

Q: What would be your ultimate achievement?

A:  My ultimate achievement would be making an NFL team roster and having the opportunity to help my family and friends financially.

Q: What do you enjoy doing when not playing football?

A: I enjoy training, being around family and friends as well as playing video games.

Q: Who is or has been the most influential person in your life?

A: My parents have been the most influential people in my life. They work so hard to help me out with anything I’m interested in and sacrifice so much to make things work in my favor.