Day 1 of the 2022 National Scouting Combine for Draft Eligible Prospects

Speed, mobility, quickness, explosion, and competing against other players to stand out. Welcome to the National Scouting Combine, the 2nd largest Combine behind the NFL Combine. Another box was checked in the process for these 2022 draft eligible prospects. The Combine is all about being able to see what your true athletic abilities are and with the 40 yard dash, the Pro Agility, and the L-Drill being laser timed, the times don’t lie. Every year with the National Scouting Combine, players come in and have the goal of performing the best that they possibly can to impress the scouts who are in attendance. With 89 draft eligible players participating yesterday morning through the early afternoon in the 40 yard dash, Pro Agility, L-Drill, Vertical Jump, Broad Jump, and the Bench Press, players were striving to get themselves noticed by personnel affiliated with the NFL, CFL, XFL, and USA Rugby. With that being said, here is the National Scouting Combine All-Combine Team!

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QB: Guy Myers, University of Charleston

Myers was our best performer at the quarterback position. He would’ve had the 6th fastest 40 Yard Dash, 2nd fastest Pro Agility, 3rd highest Vertical Jump, and the 2nd furthest Broad Jump at the 2021 NFL Combine for quarterbacks. What makes his mobility even more impressive is the fact that he stands at over 6’5”. While his frame may not be as thick as you’d like for someone at his height, his movement abilities didn’t disappoint. We’re excited to watch his performance in the quarterback drills today and watch his impressive arm strength in action, as his ability to sling the football caught our attention and hopefully, catches the attention of the scouts in attendance.

RB: De’Anta Sipp, Campbellsville University

Sipp was our best performer at the running back position. He was in the top two for four out of the six combine drills. His best performance was in the 40, where he had the second fastest time of the day out of the offensive players. His productivity at Kentucky Christian University as their all-time leading rusher and his ability to continue that dominance at Campbellsville University showed with his performance, and we’re excited to see him during the running back drills today.

WR: Grady Bresnahan, Minnesota State University Moorhead

Bresnahan was officially crowned the Combine Champion at the WR position. He placed in the top five for all six Combine Drills and was the only wide receiver to do so! He’s not a physically imposing player and is short in stature, but his body control and burst were very evident throughout the day, as he had the fastest Pro Agility time, an incredibly impressive L-Drill time which would’ve placed as the 12th best time at the 2021 NFL Combine. His ball skills on film were eye-catching for his size and we’re looking forward to watching how he performs in the position drills today.

WR: Jaetavian Toles, Tulane University

Toles was our second best overall performer at the WR position. He placed in the top five for four of the six combine drills. This included the 2nd fastest L-Drill and the 2nd most reps on bench press for wide receivers. Even though he may not of ran as fast in the 40 yard dash, being that he was a part of the Tulane Track & Field, his play speed was better on film, and he was a deep threat at Tulane. We’re excited to watch him run today during the positional drills.

WR: JaVon Hayes, Fairmont State University

Hayes won the crown for the fastest 40 yard dash performer overall at our Combine. With all of our laser timed drills (40, Pro, and 3-Cone), he placed in the top 3 and showed that not only was he fast, but that he could play in control and open up/drop his weight quickly and be concise with his movements.

OC: Miquail Harvey, Albany State University

Harvey was our top performing offensive lineman, as he placed in the top two in four out of the six combine drills. His get-off and speed were definitely eye catching, as his 40 Yard Dash would’ve placed as the 4th fastest time at the 2021 NFL Combine. Even though he’s undersized at the OC position, his aggressiveness, demeanor, and quickness on film caught our attention and we’re excited to see this in action today during the offensive lineman drills.


ILB: Nate Weiland, Grand View University

Weiland dominated at the linebacker position, as he had the highest combine numbers at each of the six combine drills. For someone who almost weighs 240 pounds and stands at just over 6’1”, his speed was extremely evident, as he would’ve not only weighed-in as the 5th heaviest linebacker, but he also would’ve run the fastest 40 yard dash and had the 7th highest vertical jump for inside linebackers at the 2021 NFL Combine. Even with the limited highlight film, our scouting staff was extremely impressed with Weiland’s suddenness, pursuit ability, and versatility seen through being able to play as an edge defender. During the position drills today, we’re looking forward to watching how Weiland performs with the linebacker drills and scouts are going to want to see if he can play with body control in space, because he caught their attention yesterday.

DE: Chrinovic Mukulu, Fairmont State University

As an undersized edge defender, Mukulu dominated as our top performing defensive lineman, as he had the best combine numbers in five of the six combine drills. For defensive ends in the 2021 NFL Draft, Mukulu would’ve had the16th fastest L-Drill. Even though Mukulu didn’t play in many games at Fairmont State, he was extremely productive. Through only playing in 10 games, he averaged an impressive 1.1 sacks per game. One of the biggest questions that Mukulu is going to need to answer today during the position drills will be showing if he has the ability to be an off the ball player and most likely transition to an OLB.

DS: Kevin Ransom Jr, Wayne State University

Even if he may have below average height, he has very good weight for his size with thickness. Ransom Jr. placed in the top two in five of the six combine drills for the safeties yesterday. At the strong safety position, he would’ve had the 11th furthest Broad Jump during the 2021 NFL Combine. Especially today during the positional drills, we’ll really be focusing on his range and ease catching the football because at Wayne State, he made a lot of plays at the catch point.

CB: Ronald Salters, Notre Dame College

Height and weight are against Salters, but he makes up for it with his short-area quickness, burst, and stickiness that he displayed while he was in college. These traits were evident yesterday at the Combine, as he placed first and second respectively in the Pro Agility and L-Drill, which are drills that specifically help to give scouts an idea if players are capable of doing this successfully or not. He also placed in the top two in five of the six combine drills for cornerbacks. He attacked the football impressively and was quick out of his breaks in college, so we’re looking forward to watching those abilities today during the position drills.

CB: Donovan Lucas, Northern State University

Once again, height and weight are against another of our top performers at cornerback in Lucas, but he showed the ability to not only be our 2nd fastest cornerback, but also was our fastest in the L-Drill and 2nd furthest in the Broad Jump. Lucas made a ton of plays in college because of his instinctfulness and showcased very good ball skills down the field and was able to capitalize on his ability to be around the football. The biggest question he’s going to need to answer today will be his ability to play at the LOS and prove that he can be quick, fluid, and smooth to show that you can play him in the slot. Lucas was also an extremely productive as a kick returner.

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